Polar FT1 Review

polar ft1 features

People can able to assess the fast changing phase of technology through the availability of sports watches. These exciting and fun watches are usually called as chronograph watches, which are very essential to those who are active in sports.
Today, several sports watches come with various features that are typically multifunctional and multi feature. One of the most in demand brand these days are Polar FT1 watch, heart-rate monitor which enhances the persons experience during exercise that is new to heart rate based or interval based workouts. These monitor the individuals’ heart rate during the workout and provide average heart-rate result after for them to track their improvement or status during fitness.

Features of Polar FT1 watch:

  • Beat per Minute (BPM) Heart Rate Measurement: This measure the maximum or average level of user’s heart rate for them to help them adequately perform during heart rate based training.
  • Single Training File: The watch summarizes data for personal use.
  • Backlit Display: This shows date, weekday, time o the day and heart rate result.
  • Water resistant construction: Up to 100 feet or 30 meters.
  • Manual target zone functions: Aids user set their fitness goal within their desired safe heart-rate zone. Contains audible and visual alarm that keeps the user updated or notified.
  • Workout Summary: Allows Polar FT1 watch user to monitor their progress.
  • One Button Start Heart Touch: This ensures smooth operation.
  • 5kHz Polar OwnCode Transmission Coded: This aids in tracking data while avoiding any cross talk.
  • Various Wristwatch Functionality that allows individual to use it not mainly for their workouts.
  • When Purchasing Polar FT1 watch, there is Polar T31 coded transmitter, training computer and starter guide included.


  • The Polar FT1 watch is the best bet to accurately monitor individual’s progress on a self-regulated manner.
  • Affordable: This is one of the simplest yet least expensive heart rate monitors of Polar FT watch series. The Polar FT1 watch contains rare components among low priced monitors.
  • Polar FT1 watch provides wide signal strength that gives better connectivity regardless if the user is moving within the town. This accurately records and stores cardiac data for the user to easily consult their doctor for medication or advice.
  • Polar FT1 are good especially for starters since this motivates them to continue the routine.
  • With an adjustable strap that is very manageable to use.


  • Heart Rate Monitor or HRM: The watch continuously displays light open. This can be very helpful at night but affects users visibility during the day. The heart-rate meter records maximum rate mainly especially when it stayed for 1-2 minutes high time period. This can sometimes be disrupted if the user happens to run in unusual pace.

Polar FT1 watch is outfitted with easy to read large face that displays the heart rate and time of the workout session. This allows the person to target heart rate zone manually for them to monitor their intensity level. This also aids in storing latest information of the workout that includes maximum and average time and heart rate spent during the workout. This is the best time to assess and buy less expensive sports watch. People no longer need to go for the costly one since the features are being delivered with the same quality level.


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