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outdoor tanning tips fast tan

We want to share some outdoor tanning tips with you even though you have heard that getting a tan can be very unhealthy for our skin, but there are some benefits to being outside in the sunshine. Sunlight is known to help users build strength in our immune system; it helps us produce vitamin D, can help combat depression and the list go on. Read below for some helpful outdoor tanning tips.

The first of our outdoor tanning tips is don’t tan every day. Research has proven that every 48 hours will do for the best results and limited risk of overexposure.  Always make sure to use a lotion to ensure your skin stays moisturized at all times. After being out in the sun, use a quality moisturizer. This will keep your skin soft and will help maintain your tan longer.

Other outdoor tanning tips include shaving a few hours before you go outside into the sun. Shaving acts like an exfoliator leaving your skin fresh and smooth and ready for a tan. In fact, exfoliate your entire body with a sponge in the shower. This will remove dead skin cells which will assist you in getting an even, all over tan. Now you are ready to put on some sunscreen and hit that lounge chair.

Look great with a spray on tan

Innovated, great new ways to get the tan you have always wanted without the exposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays or the ones from a tanning bed. Spray on tan or airbrush tanning is a revolutionary way to get a great tan in 20 minutes of less. Spray on tan is quick, easy and a lot cleaner than those tanning lotions that can leave uneven streaks.

Here an example of how some of the spray on tan products or airbrush tanning works. The tanning solution causes proteins in the outer layers of skin to react with the oxygen. This chemical reaction actually results in your skin turning a nice bronze color. Most people think that a dye is being applied to their skin, when in fact, the skin is changing color on its own.

You actually are able to choose how dark of a spray on tan you would like. This allows you to look natural but feels great at the same time.  It is safe, convenient and long lasting. There are a number of salons now investing in airbrush tanning booths, so your best bet is to check your local salons and spas for a convenient location near you.

The different tanning systems

Who thought getting a sun tan would get so complicated. There are now some tanning systems on the market ranging from the wrap around indoor tanning booths, airbrush tanning and other sunless tanning systems. It has become a huge business around the world as more and more people want to stay out of the sun.

Wrap around indoor tanning systems are not only popular at the salon, but people are buying them for their homes. Their compact, state of the art designs take up very little space but still offer great tanning results in much less time. Traditional tanning beds took up significant floor space, so these are a lot less desirable than the new styles.

Now if you want to avoid tanning bed dangers, a great tanning system alternative is airbrush tanning or sunless spray on tanning. You guessed it; you actually have someone apply a fine mist of the desired color using an airbrush nozzle. It usually takes 20 minutes for a full body application and the industrial equipment is well designed for easy clean ups and maintenance.


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