Pollution is our nightmare. We as humans, with our constant technological and industrial development, are continuing to destroy ourselves by polluting the air, the water and the foot itself with chemicals, dust just a few of the causes. The increase of pollution and chemicals is the reason why more and more people are suffering from various congestion and respiratory illnesses. Neti pot is an efficient way to clean the nasal, and according to alternative treatment methods, it should be used by everyone as it is a form of basic health-maintenance activity that will increase your level of health and sense of wellness.

Experts say the neti pot originates from India. Since its discovery, numerous people in Europe and the United States started using this technique as a part of their daily routine. Used on a daily basis, the neti pot will clean your sinuses and make your breathing easier and freer.

If you, like most citizens, find that your nasal passages are blocked because of pollution, pollen, dust and other irritants, neti pot is the solution for you. The method of nasal cleaning with neti pot is called neti. As you can guess, the neti itself originates from the yoga practice.

A Saline Neti Pot

The neti pot is filled with a saline solution which has to flow into your nostril, through the nasal passages, and out the lower nostril. While doing that, you have to continue breathing from the mouth. Once you have emptied the neti pot, refill it and repeat the technique on the other side. It is recommended to fill half of the neti pot in the beginning (first two weeks).
This is called stage one. Stage two involves a much deeper cleaning of the nasal, from infections or large obstructions are present in the nasal cavity. Here you have to sniff the water through each nostril and spit it out the mouth. This stage has a much deeper effect and people with chronic sinus infections might actually not feel the effect of the neti pot until this method is applied. After performing one round of stage one and two, you are ready for the third and final one. This is the opposite of the previous stages. It involves taking the water in the mouth and directing it out the nose.

There are a lot of benefits related to the use of neti pot. Neti pot reduces the allergy problems. It improves your breathing, sense of smell and taste. It eliminates sinusitis or chronic sinus infections. The neti pot gently removes bacteria, pollen, allergens and viruses from the sinuses by washing them away. The medicated water that fills the neti pot is a mixture of anti-bacterials, anti-fungals, and immune support nutrients and herbs which are proven effective in research.

Shouldn’t you try a netipot now?