Do you like being more efficient in your daily activities?  Do you want to make the most of your time by making everything possible to make your time worthy and yourself productive? If so, monitoring your own time and activities should be a very good idea. However, doing it manually can be very challenging and relatively time-consuming, which will eventually leave you inefficient. In case, Jawbone UP 24  can be your best buddy, helping you monitor your productivity even while you’re sleeping.

What Is Jawbone UP 24?

Jawbone UP 24 Band is a new and advanced tracking device that helps you eat, move and sleep better. Monitor your activities and sleep with ease using this device. With this device on your wrist, you will be able to wake up with refreshed feeling, as it comes with a Smart Alarm. The device may also provide you with a calm vibration at your wrist, as you receive the Idle Alert when you have been sitting for an extended period. UP 24 can be your friend in fitness anywhere you may go 24 hours every day.
Jawbone UP 24  is a system, which takes an inclusive technique to a much healthier lifestyle. This band helps in keeping track of your movement as well as sleep within the background. It comes with an application that shows your data, allows you to add stuff like mood and meals, and provides ideas which enable you to move forward.

Features To Watch Out For

  • Wireless Syncing – With this device, you are always connected through Bluetooth Smart. Therefore, you need not worry about plugging in to upload data.
  • Idle Alert – You may boost your active period with personalized reminders to ensure you are moving all through the day.
  • Water–Resistant – Jawbone UP 24 is water resistant. Hence, you need not to worry about sweat from an intense workout or rain. Just do not submerge it.
  • Continuous Updates – Continuously do better things with advanced features that are being delivered with the free UP application and software updates.
  • Smart Alarm – With this feature, the device wakes you up silently at the highest moment within your sleeping cycle, giving you the refreshed feeling.
  • LED Indicator – It also comes with the simple LED indicator lights that display your mode status in an instant.
  • Calories Burned – Jawbone UP 24 also helps you measure your burned calories depending on your activity levels, age, weight and height.
  • Steps – The device also comes with a built-in accelerometer that counts your steps accurately, but you use it or wherever you go.
  • Friends and Family – Jawbone UP 24  never let you go alone, as it enables you to stay connected with family and friends. Therefore, you will be able to achieve your goals altogether.
  • Streaks and Milestones – Get credit once you have achieved your goals consistently and view your progress better.

Aside from these features mentioned above, Jawbone UP 24  still has a lot of things to offer you. So, make sure to try out its use if you want to become progressive.

Technical information

  • Brand: Jawbone
  • Name:  UP 24
  • Weight:    23 g
  • Dimensions: 22 x 7,6 x 6,3 cm
  • Battery: 1 battery included
  • Operating System: Android, iOS
  • Compatible withe: Ios and android devices
  • Other features: Bluetooth, Wireless, Three Sizes L-M-S
  • Autonomy of battery: 168 hours
  • Battery included: Yes
  • Battery needed: Yes
  • Battery technology: Lithium
  • Kind of connetion: 2.5 mm
  • Bluetooth Technology: Sí