How to Use a Fabric Pen

do fabric markers wash out

A fabric pen is such a pen that can be applied on the clothes to get permanent designs on the fabric. These designs are not washed off with water while can get fade by the course of time due to the exposure of air, sun, etc. Use of this pen makes it easy to provide an innovative design to the fabric without any difficulty. The most significant advantage of a fabric pen is that it can be simply applied on the fabric to draw any pattern. This does not require paying much attention during painting in comparison to paint brushes. The ink or dye filled inside this kind of pen gives permanent sketch over the fabric.

Fabric Pen is available in a variety of cost, size, colors, etc. One can select the pen according to the requirement of the work. For example, a design based on floral prints demands various bright colors along with the colors of the stem and leaves. Lettering can also be done with fabric pen. It is used to write alphabets, words, and sentences on the fabric easily which might be difficult to do with paint-brush.

How to Draw art With a fabric pen :-

Fabric pen is used to draw the pattern on the fabric with the help of stencil. The stencil is kept on the fabric and the design is drawn on the fabric by making its outlines through the pen on the fabric.

To get thick lines, the pen is slightly tilted in an angle and the line is drawn while the pen is gently dragged over the design to get a thin line.
Fine lettering can be done through fabric pen by practice. Use of fabric marker pen is easy for lettering rather than the use of paint-brush. Use of a simple, light pencil for lettering on the fabric prior to the application of the pen is also a good idea.

These fabric marker pens can also be used to fill up the color inside the design but using fabric paint instead of it to color into the large area is a cheaper idea.
Stamping is also another art which can be done with fabric pen. A rubber stamp of the desired pattern can be colored totally by the pen and the stamp is gently pressed over the fabric to get attractive designs.

Precautions to be taken during the use of Fabric Pen :-

The pen should not be pressed on the fabric with force otherwise it can be damaged.
A continuous line should be drawn with the pen on the fabric without break to avoid blot in the design.
Stamping should be assured that the whole pattern is colored perfectly.
Fabric marking pen should never be kept without capping it after use.
Selection of fabric for painting should be done carefully as it is needed to bear the extremes of chemicals, alcohols used in the dye or paint filled inside the pen.
The pen should never be subjected to the exposure of water as it can dilute or fade up the color of the pen ( Unlike permanent fabric pen which is able to last long ).


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