Do you know what are the best cages for chinchillas ? Which is the most suitable for your pet?

If you are looking for a new cage for your chinchilla, surely you have already noticed that the types of homes for these rodents are very varied, and come in different sizes and materials. Before deciding on one or the other, think about the characteristics and habits of your pet, and try to adapt to them.

On the other hand, remember that the type of cage that you choose is as important as the complements that you will introduce in them. Drinkers, food dispensers , toys , catwalks … Do you already know which ones to choose? Read best chinchilla cages reviews in

Characteristics of the cages for chinchillas

The chinchillas spend most of their lives in their cages; Therefore, it is important that you stop to think about the quality of life you want for your pet before deciding on one or the other. The two main choices that you will have to carry out will be the size of the cage and the type of material with which it is made.

  • Dimensions: Traditionally, chinchilla cages , like those of hamsters or other rodents , have had a fairly small size and almost similar to that of a shoe box. Today you have at your disposal spacious cages and even several floors. Thanks to them, your chinchilla will be able to explore, play and run at ease, and avoid problems derived from sedentary lifestyle, such as obesity.
  • Material: keep in mind that the cages with bars provide more ventilation than those of glass, aquarium type. However, it is important that the bars are metal and not plastic, since your chinchilla could gnaw the latter and swallow the chips.

Complements for cages for chinchillas

Another advantage of spacious cages is that you can implement in them different accessories, such as bridges, platforms or tunnels, which you can change position when you want, making your pet’s routine more interesting.

On the other hand, you should not forget the basic accessories for the daily life of your chinchilla, such as drinking fountains or food dispensers.