If you find that your garage is always too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, it’s a good idea to invest in an insulation kit. You can find these kits very easily and they come with all the materials and specialized tools you need in order to complete the installation.

A good kit can deliver impressive results, and it’s a lot more affordable than buying a completely new garage door with better insulation. But before you choose a kit, there are some quick picks for you, we have chosen.

5 Garage Door Insulation Materials: Top Picks

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10 Garage Door Insulation Kit Reviews

  1. Matador Garage Door Insulation Kit

Your garage should not be a horrible place to work or do stuff. Not when you have the Matador Garage Door Insulation Kit in your corner. Within less than an hour of installation time, you can transform your unbearable garage into a relaxing and comfortable place to spend your time. With the Matador insulation kit installed, you can use your garage through all seasons.

Not only will your garage and shop become more comfortable for you and your family, but it will also contribute to lower utility bills. With this easy to install insulation solution your home will become more energy efficient. You do not need special tools to get your Matador insulation panels installed. All you need is a sharp and reliable utility knife, a straight edge, markers, and measuring tape. The panels are bendable so that it is easy to fit the door spaces tightly and securely. Also, experience the durability of these insulation panels that will keep your garage insulated for a long time to come.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed to insulate garage doors up to 7 feet tall and 9 feet wide;
  • Assists in reducing utility costs (for cooling and heating);
  • Easy to put on garage door without the need of special tools, you can install panels yourself;
  • The bright, white surface of the insulation panels is easy to wash and keep attractive;
  • Reduces noise and increases comfort.
  1. Garage Door Insulation Kit- DIY—- R-9 Complete Garage Insulation Kit

Take control of the temperatures in your garage the easy way, with this garage door insulation kit from Anco Products Inc. Safe for children, this insulation offers immediate relief from extreme temperatures.  After you install this product, you will notice the difference in the temperature inside.  Even while the temperatures outside are unbearable, you can rest assured that your garage is insulated and comfortable.

Use your garage all year round now that you have installed durable insulation that covers every inch of your garage door. Not only will the thermal performance in your garage improve, but you will also experience a significant reduction in the outside noise which you will not get with an uninsulated garage door. Installation is fast and easy. You do not need special tools to carry it out. The panels, however, do not come pre-cut so, you would have to cut them yourself to fit your garage door.

Highlighted Features

  • No special tools needed to install insulation panels;
  • Fits most models of garage doors;
  • Insulation is safe to handle around pets and children;
  • Comfort is improved during summer and winter, and temperatures are controlled;
  • Insulation is made of fiberglass that offers excellent thermal performance.
  1. Garage Door Insulation Kit (8-Piece)

Want to cool your entire garage down the easy way? An option is the eight-piece garage door insulation kit you can purchase from y our local supplier. Experience the difference in temperature as soon as you install your insulation. It is quite easy to install, and the instructions are easy to follow. Not only does it cool your space down, but it also gives your garage door a clean and attractive appearance.

You might need to have a vacuum cleaner handy to take care of the styrofoam residue afterward.  But your efforts will be worth it. Wouldn’t it be great to relax in a cooler garage even in the blistering heat of summer? You can achieve this effectively with this eight-piece garage door insulation kit.

Highlighted Features

  • This insulation kit is easy to cut and install;
  • Looks attractive on the garage door;
  • The insulation panels are lightweight and easy to handle;
  • Fits most standard garage doors.
  1. NASA TECH White Reflective Foam Core 2 Car Garage Door Insulation Kit

Enjoy your garage every day of the year with the NASA Tech White Reflective Foam Core garage door insulation kit. Not only is this kit easy to install, but it is also great for saving energy. You won’t have to contend with high utility bills once you have installed these trusted insulation panels. Each product consists of a vinyl finish that is white on one side and reflective finish on the flip side.

The NASA Tech insulation kits are made for a four-panel (height of four horizontal rows). One benefit you would also appreciate is the improved energy savings, of around 20 percent reduction in costs. If you installed your garage door insulation kit correctly, you can achieve up to fifty degrees reduction in the surface temperatures. If you are worried that the insulation kit would be too heavy for your garage door, you don’t need to be. Thanks to its lightweight material your door will not be impeded when the NASA Tech insulation kit is installed.

Highlighted Features

  • This insulation system is designed for the two-car garages as well;
  • Allows for improved peace and quiet;
  • Installation instructions are easy to follow;
  • Insulation panels are also provided with a Heavy Duty Double Sided Tape.
  1. Owens Corning 500824 Garage Door Insulation Kit

Without much fuss, you can install the Owens Corning 500824 Garage Door Insulation Kit to your garage door. All you need to do this is a sharp cutting tool, markers, a straight edge, and measuring tape. Each product consists of eight R-8 fiberglass that will last for a long time.

You will notice how quickly this insulation works to either cool down your garage during hot days or warm it up during the cold. Every kit gives you sufficient material to insulate one garage door up to nine feet wide. You can also wash the insulation’s white vinyl facing to keep it clean. You also need not worry about how to keep the insulation panels in place since your kit is equipped with a one of a kind fastening system (comprising plastic pins that must be crosslinked) to keep them in place. An added benefit for using this garage door insulation system is lower utility bills.

Highlighted Features

  • Made specially for insulating metal garage doors and fits well into the door channel that is exposed;
  • Kit offers greater thermal performance compared to insulated doors;
  • Experience around 20 % fall in noise level;
  • Very easy to install, no special tools required;
  • The vinyl surface can be cleaned using mild detergent;
  • The material is flexible and does not dent easily.

6. Reach Barrier – 3009 Garage Door Insulation Kit

If you’re constantly pestered by high electricity bills during the winter and summer months alike and are often forced to dress up like an Eskimo whenever you want to go to your garage and perform a slight tweak to your car, have we got a product for you!

The name is Reach Barrier 3009 garage door insulation kit and it pretty much represents a small box o’ wonders which you can unpack and insulate your garage door all by yourself. Garages in general, but especially garage doors, are notorious for their poor insulation properties. This is mostly because these areas of your house aren’t really considered ‘residential’ per se, so the folks that built your house didn’t really dedicate too much time or materials to make them comfortable and cozy.

Sometimes, however, you may want to hang out in your garage or do some work on your car or other machines you may have laying around, so turning this area of your property into an energy-efficient and pleasant-to-dwell room can be a great way to enhance your handyman’s experience! Here are the specs of the do-it-yourself product we mentioned above:

Prominent Features

  • Blocks up to 95% of heat emission
  • No maintenance required
  • Easy installation (No tools required!)
  • Clearly written instruction guide
  • Complies with all the safety standards and codes

7. Cellofoam – Garage Door Insulation Kit

Since garage door insulation kits come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, there’s plenty of choice for a plucky handyman hell-bent on keeping his garage neat ‘n’ warm! (Or cool, depending what time of the year it is.) This entry right here represents one of the simplest and yet fairly effective solutions in the department of garage insulation.

What you get is a series of insulating panels you can attach to your garage door in a similar fashion to building a LEGO construction. The folks at Cellofoam made sure to keep it nice and simple, so you won’t really need any additional hands onboard- you can complete the entire ‘garage door insulating operation’ on your own! There are 8 panels in a single package which is enough to cover one standard-sized garage door (For garages housing one car, roughly speaking.), so if you happen to have a bigger garage with double doors, you will need two of these packages to cover them all.

Prominent Features

  • Panel sizes are 20 x 54 x 1.4 inches
  • A high R-value of 4.8
  • One package is enough for one standard size garage door
  • Reduces electricity bills (Or whatever heating or cooling system you happen to own.)
  • Easy, do-it-yourself installation

8. ADO Products – Single Garage Door Insulation Kit

If you’re on a lookout for a mighty insulation kit for your garage door that will able to retain heat inside it even in intensely cold environments, this ADO Products, well, product, might be just the thing for you. Indeed, if you happen to live in Alaska, or anywhere where it’s really freezing cold during the winter for that matter, this insulation kit can be a great option as it offers the insulation R-value of 8 – some of the highest among its competitors!

Other than being capable of keeping your garage warm during the chilly winter months, some of the pluses of this plucky insulation kit would surely include the fact that it’s a breeze to install and that it actually also insulates sound, of all things. It’s a perfect solution for someone who often works with loud machines or appliances in their garage! (Especially if your family keeps bugging you for the levels of noise.)

Prominent Features

  • Durable thanks to its specialized metal pin installation system
  • Can be installed within an hour (No help required, you can do it by yourself!)
  • Offers excellent sound insulation properties
  • Easy to clean
  • Boasts a coveted R-8 insulation performance value

9. IMP – Smart GARAGE Reflective Garage Insulation Kit (for 2 Garage Doors)

Boasting a clean metallic aluminum look, the IMP reflective garage insulation kit is a simple bundle of insulating panels that can nevertheless do wonders when it comes to keeping the temperature of your garage level and comfortable, no matter what time of the year it is. Thanks to its enviable insulating properties which are rated R-8 by the official standards, these panels can keep your garage warm and decrease your heating bills no matter how cold it is outside.

Similarly to the product above, due to its top-tier R-8 insulating prowess, so to speak, this particular kit can be an excellent solution for folks living in cold climates. Also, despite its robust insulating properties, these panels are a breeze to install and you won’t need anyone else to help you get this thing up and running. (Or rather up and… well… standing.) As the instruction sheets that come with this product suggest, you can complete the installation process in 9 easy steps. No mess, no special tools required!

Prominent Features

  • Exceptionally high R-8 insulation rating
  • Saves heating energy during the winter months
  • Simple installation in 9 easy steps
  • Attractive aluminum finish
  • One kit provides enough material for 2 garage doors

10. IMP – Smart GARAGE Reflective Garage Insulation Kit (for 1 Garage Door)

As the last entry on this list, we’ve got another product from the IMP folks. This time around, their Smart GARAGE insulation kit provides enough material for only one garage door at a time. (So, if you plan to cover up a double door, you’ll need two of these. In that case, it may be a better idea to get the kit we described above, instead.) Other than the amount of insulating material you get in a single package, the deal is pretty much the same. (The price varies, as well, of course.)

You get aluminum-finish insulating panels with superb heat-retention properties equivalent to the R-8 standard. As far as the installation itself is concerned, the deal is straightforward. Simply follow the instructions printed on the box, make sure to take your time and get everything clean and ready for insulation, and Bob’s your uncle! (If you think you need more help with the installation process, you can check out their video where they describe it in more detail.)

Prominent Features

  • High insulation rating of R-8
  • Looks beautiful once it’s up
  • Easy to install (Video instructions provided.)
  • Reduces heating bills during the winter

What to Consider When Choosing Garage Insulation Materials

There is a fairly large selection of insulation kits to choose from, but the most important part of the kits to consider is what material for insulation they use. Most kits will use polystyrene, fiberglass, or foam core, and the one it uses will help you determine the effectiveness of the insulation, the cost, and whether or not it can be used for your type of garage door.

Any insulation kit you look at should say what its thermal performance score is, which is an indication of how effective the materials in the kit are at insulating your garage door. The US Department of Energy has a good explanation for how insulation scores work — specifically R-Value, which is what most insulation kits will show.

Different materials will have different costs, so if you are on more of a budget you will want to choose a kit that uses more affordable materials. If you do your research into the kits you are considering, you should get a good idea of what is more affordable.

If you have a smaller garage door, you will need to get a different type of insulation kit than if you have a larger one, as some kits will not have enough materials for a garage door beyond a certain size. The type of your garage door (such as overhead or carriage door) will also have a big impact on how big a kit you need, and how much you will have to spend.

Do some research into the garage door you already have, and how much insulation it uses. If your garage door already has some insulation, you will not have to buy a kit that is more expensive and designed for complete insulation. However, if your garage door has little to no insulation or what it had has worn away, you will need to invest in a comprehensive kit to make up the difference.

Types of Garage Door Insulation Kits

When you are researching what insulation kit works best for your garage door, there will be a few different types depending on a number of different factors.

In addition to the mentioned differences in material, there will be a variety of styles, shapes, thickness, cost per size, as well as different life spans, level of durability, environmental impact, and other factors you might want to consider depending on exactly what you want and need.

Make sure that you check the R-value that the kit provides for your garage door, as that is another way that kits distinguish themselves. You will be able to pick between affordable sacrifices and amazing performance.

Carriage-style garage doors with only one solid piece for the door will require a different type of insulation kit than a door with panels that separate as the garage door opens. Similarly, every type of kit will only come with so much material. If you have a bigger garage door, or multiple doors, you will either need a kit that is suited to larger doors or buy more than one kit to make up the difference.

Finally, you can also get different insulation kits depending on the type of insulation you want — if you want a garage door insulated against the heat, or the cold, or both. Kits that work mostly to insulate against heat can be designed to reflect and reduce heat getting through the door, which might not work well at keeping the heat of your home in against the cold.

The Benefits of Garage Door Insulation

Any extra insulation you can achieve with your garage door is a great benefit for you as the homeowner. Improving the insulation in any part of your home can help you save a lot of money over time.

The issue with your garage is that it is likely the biggest single part of your home, with walls and possibly ceilings that touch other rooms. Your garage door is the biggest point of vulnerability for the garage, due to the door being thinner and less durable than the walls. As a result, it is the likely source for any heat and cold getting into the garage, and from there into adjacent parts of your house. This means that your furnace or air conditioner have to work more in order to keep the interior of your home at the temperature you set on the thermostat.

By using an insulation kit and improving your garage door’s insulation level, you prevent more of the heat or cold from affecting the rest of your home. This means your furnace and air conditioner units do not have to work as hard to regulate the temperature of your house. Furnaces and air conditioners are often the biggest source of energy use in a home, especially during the hottest and coldest periods of the year. Since energy use is also one of the biggest regular expenses for owning a home, you can also save a lot of money every month with a better insulated garage door.  

Summary of Choosing a Garage Door Insulation Kit

It is always a good idea to improve the insulation of your home, as you can save a lot of money every month and every year off your energy bills. Improving the insulation of your garage and garage door in particular is important, as it is one of the more vulnerable parts of your home to outside temperatures.

Thankfully, you can greatly improve the insulation of your garage for little cost by using a garage door insulation kit. They come in a variety of types, with a selection of different materials and shapes depending on the type of garage door you have. That way you can pick an insulation kit that works best for your garage door, your home’s climate, and your budget. Check out the complete guide on Home Insulation for Better Energy Conservation on Greener Ideal 

How to insulate a garage door from the inside?

garage door insulation tips

Steel garage doors made of a thin sheet metal have little or no insulation. The houses with rooms above a garage, many times, have problems controlling the temperature. Uninsulated garage doors allow heat to escape in the winter and allow the garage to overheat in the summer. Adding insulation to the steel panels of garage doors can add value and reduce the heat loss of a house. Insulation kits available at construction supply stores or garment door supply companies can be easily installed.


Look for the small insulating strips in the insulation kit for garage doors for the end and center steps. The rungs are the unpainted metal reinforcement supports that give strength to each section of the garage doors. Insert the insulating strip entirely diagonally into the rung. Straighten the strip while pressing it against the rung. Repeat until all the steps have the insulation.

    1. Measure the open space between the rungs and subtract 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) to get the proper measurement.

    1. Using a ruler and the cutter, cut the insulation of the kit of the appropriate size.

    1. Insert the foam into the top cornice of the door panel at an angle. Press the foam until it seats completely in the top slot.

    1. Lower the underside of the insulation towards the door and push it until it is inside the bottom edge of the door panel.

    1. Fold the plastic angles that come in the kit and insert each end at the top and bottom edges over the space between the insulation and the rung. Press the angles inside the top and bottom edges until the angle is flat and one side is in the gap between the insulator and the rung and the opposite is holding the insulator.

  1. Repeat this until all the panels are in isolation.

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