The outdoor experience is a glorious one, filled with adrenalin rushes and natural beauty. It is an escape from the concrete jungles we find ourselves trapped in daily. Hiking is one of the most significant outdoor activities and really does not involve much. It is fun, good exercise, you’re surrounded by nature, oh and not to mention mosquitoes, blazing sun, or on the other hand cold nippy weather and wind. Hence, the need for the perfect hiking shirt!

This is not a standard marketing pitch aiming at sucking you into purchasing some item that really makes no beneficial impact on your life, so relax, but don’t turn away because there is some important information you may need to know. Whether you are an avid hiker, know an avid hiker or are considering taking up the hobby, read on, this article is short but helpful.

3 Hiking Tips

When buying a hiking shirt make sure it is appropriate for the climate you will be experiencing. There are many different makes and types of shirts that it is easy to get mixed up so here are some tips to help you get the best shirt for you.

  1. Identify the weather. If it is going to be hot you may want a lighter fabric that will allow your skin to breathe instead of trapping the moisture and stifling you. Some may want less coverage but if you are wary of the sun look for a long sleeve shirt that will protect your skin.
  2. Choose something that you will wear again so best to choose a color you like that incorporates well into your wardrobe or that you would definitely wear on your next hiking trip.
  3. Comfort is key.


On the women’s front we will take 2 popular hiking shirts:

– Mountain hardware’s long sleeve canyon shirt. This is a long sleeve shirt providing total upper-body protection from the sun, but it also allows your skin to breathe easy and is stylish.

– Women’s Patagonia Stefka tank top. This is a simple and flattering item made of spandex and wick. It too is stylish but unlike the above, offers no extra protection from the sun. Each allows the skin to breathe easy but you have to decide the level of protection you are looking for. However, if you are going hiking up in the mountains you want something warmer, so dress for the occasion. Instead of selecting one of the lighter articles, go for something made of light fleece or merino wool.

The popular site amazon has lots of hiking shirts available so it is really your choice. Follow the above guidelines which can apply to both men and women and you’re sure to find something suitable.


The most expensive article is not always the best for you or the best quality. You can find some great pieces at low prices so shop around and make sure you get your money’s worth.