Get Fit in Your Small Apartment, With a Foldable Exercise Bike

foldable exercise equipment

Are you short on space in your home or apartment, and so have believed an exercise bike was out of the question? Then you may want to take a look at some of the great options in a foldable exercise bike.

Benefits of Foldable Exercise bike

With a foldable exercise bike, you can keep it stored away in the closet or a small corner of your home when you are not exercising. When your exercise time rolls around you, just pull it out, unfold it, and get to work burning off those calories.

Tension Adjustment

Many people believe they are going to lose many of the features of a full sized bike if they go with a foldable exercise bike, but in reality, the biggest thing you lose is the large frame. You can still choose whether you prefer a recumbent bike or an upright bike. You still will have an LCD display showing your exercise progress, and you still have a wide range of tension adjustment.

One thing you need to be aware of, due to the smaller frame, and lighter weights of a foldable exercise bike they are not quite as stable for anyone wanting to ride aggressively. They are also not designed for holding as heavy of a person. You will need to closely check the weight restrictions on any foldable bike you select.
A great example of a foldable exercise bike is the Stamina InTone recumbent bike. It gives you a great padded seat and back rest for a comfortable workout.

CD Display

CD display that reports your speed, distance, calories burned, and time you have been working out.

Extra Exercise programs.

One feature you will not find on many foldable exercise bike is exercise programs. Due to their smaller size, this is one feature which is commonly stripped out. A large number of exercise bike users never use the built-in programs on their exercise equipment, and just follow their own feelings.

Bikes Include Rollers

Many of the foldable exercise bikes include rollers, helping to make it much easier to store away once you have it folded or to be able to quickly pull it out for your daily exercise. This allows even an apartment dweller to have the convenience of working out at home, without cluttering up your entire apartment. You can even find an exercise bike which folds flat enough to slide under your bed, completely getting it out of the way, and out of sight.

Great Fit for Your TV Room

A foldable exercise bike is also great to keep in your TV room. You can quickly pull it out, and pedal away the pounds, while you enjoy an evening of TV. Then hide it away in a corner or closet, keeping it out of the path of the rest of your family, and guests. You can choose to spin rapidly with an action-packed show, or leisurely burn off the weight while watching a game show.

Using your living space restrictions can no longer be an excuse for not getting enough exercise, with a foldable exercise bike, you have more than enough room. Now all you need is the commitment to follow through on your fitness goals.


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