The Future of Home Wind Generators

future of wind energy in the world

Until very recently, experts had seen only the obstacles to widespread installation of home wind generators.  Stimulated by a new sense of economic and environmental urgency, those same experts have begun overcoming or working around the obstacles, encouraging visionaries and optimists to predict wind turbines for homes may become standard new-home equipment within the next decade, commonplace in all residential areas within the next twenty years.

Home wind Generators and promise for the global economy…

Although they probably will not do it alone, home wind generators soon may supply a large percentage of North America’s and Europe’s demand for electric power.  In South America and Africa, where access to water and electric power determines nations’ economic, technological, and political evolution, small wind turbines may make the difference between remaining mired in third-world status or emerging among the modern industrialized nations.  With a little imagination and a lot of careful planning, emerging nations can accelerate their advancement into the twenty-first century; aggressively installing home electrical windmills wherever even a faint breeze blows, or building commercial scale wind farms on the windward side of every village.

Wind electricity for homes and hope for American economic recovery…

At mid-September, 2009, leading economists calculated, if the United States economy immediately recovered and recovered so perfectly major corporations and light industries could obtain credit or release funds for job-creation, and if business ultimately created a quarter million jobs per month, it would take nearly six years  just to recover the jobs lost in the downturn.  Several economists point out, “No one and nothing can spur that kind of quick and perfect recovery.  Too many ‘ifs’,” they say.  Still, with or without quick economic recovery, the collapse of major American manufacturing and the urgency of reducing  greenhouse gases in the atmosphere add extra urgency to “green energy initiatives.“ And green energy” jobs become vital to the nation’s reconstruction, renovation, and recovery.

Experts’ estimates of a million new jobs from green energy initiatives look extremely conservative if the nation assigns priority to development and installation of home wind turbines.  If individual homeowners begin designing and installing integrated solar and wind systems, they will spawn a new, vital growth industry that all by itself will create a million manufacturing, engineering, architecture, and construction jobs.  If community wind power gained momentum to the point every city and village became responsible for generating its own electric power from infinitely renewable sources, that enterprise also would generate more than a million jobs.  Both initiatives foster job-creation in precisely the sectors hardest hit.


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