Best DVD Storage System Review

Best DVD Storage System Review

If you are a collector of DVDs or Blu Ray like I am then DVD storage cases are something you not only treasure but have to have to keep your collection dust and scratch free. The DVD storage case is something you will see in just about every home in the world. If you have a DVD player like most people in this day and age have then you have to store your media collection in a media storage case of some sort or keep it in an easy to get but safe place. You will find that there are many options with everything from a very slim single DVD case to slim double DVD cases. You can buy these single DVD cases for storage in bulk. As many as 100 packs of black DVD storage cases for under thirty dollars.

How to Choose the best DVD Storage System

Buying the right audio video equipment can be challenging in itself but trying to find the right DVD storage for your collection can be even tougher. There are so many options in media storage and while many people stash their dvd’s in a case or a shelf too often they end up lying around and scratched or broken. It is tough to find the right designer furniture for your media collection. If you are wanting to preserve room in your living or entertainment room then the best option would be to get a TV stand with DVD storage. This option allows you to kill two birds with one stone and also preserves your limited space that would be taking up floor space in your room. There are several options in finding the right audio video storage solutions.

DVD Storage Cabinets

One option is a wall mounted storage cabinet which provides a very accessible option to your collection of items. Many of them come with expandable shelves and an option for stackable cabinets which allows for expanding your growing repertoire. You can also opt for a cabinet with locking doors to close off your collection and prevent it from getting dusty and avoiding unnecessary sunlight damage. This allows you to maintain your personal collection and keep it from getting ruined decades to down the road.

DVD Storage Towers

Other DVD CD storage options include towers that are set on a swivel base and rotate 360 degrees to make accessibility and convenience easy when trying to find the right item. These storage towers come in a variety of sizes styles and finishes. Wooden storage towers are the most popular. They come in black, mahogany, oak, cherry and a host of others. Metal towers are also available but do not have the same look or appeal. The size of DVD storage towers also varies and basically depends on the size of your collection and the space you have available in your room.

Portable DVD Storage

There are also foldable more compact options that are great for travel or for storing in a closet or under a bed and out of the way of possible traffic or pets. The multimedia storage binders are excellent for keeping your collection safe while traveling or for storing at home. Being able to take your collection with you is a huge plus if you are a traveler like myself. I absolutely love being able to take my things with me whether its computer, DVD, or gaming equipment. That is another great plus to having portable storage is that you can take your Xbox or Wii games with you as well and have them at your disposal anywhere in the world without getting them scratched. In today’s age Blu Ray DVD storage is becoming more prevalent than ever. The Blu Ray has become the most popular and sought after media viewing technology available today.

Buying DVD Media Storage

Selecting the right media storage unit is strictly personal preference. You can find storage cases, storage cabinets, adjustable or detachable shelves and single or double drawers with and without locks. Most DVD storage units double as a CD storage unit as well. Cd storage cabinets are very popular and many people use one media storage cabinet that serves two functions. This is a popular method and proves to be the most cost effective.

There are several color schemes and options for DVD storage and there is no limit to what you can purchase. Many of the big retail centers like Walmart, Target and Best Buy offer various storage units but many people go to the internet to look at reviews and find the right option for their entertainment center.
The Price Range

The prices on multimedia storage vary greatly and the main thing to remember is you get what you pay for so to protect you extensive array of DVD’s and CD’s make sure your selection has a high durability and reliability rating. Many of the media cabinets are not sturdy and fall over easily which is not something you want when you trying to find a certain movie or compact disc. Research and make sure you get a name brand DVD storage product with great reviews.

Top DVD Storage Brands

There are several brands that offer DVD storage at a very reasonable price. Memorex slim DVD video 25 pack storage cases are popular and often found at any department store or office supply stores. Memorex has been synonymous with CD DVD storage cases for years and offers a huge variety of media storage options for your needs. Another brand name called Verbatim produces a lot of DVD storage units for consumers. Other popular brands like Maxell who make compact discs and rewritable DVDs offer DVD case storage. Case Logic DVD cases are also at most of your major stores. they have hand in all media storage units whether is binders, cases, boxes, towers or racks.

Standard DVD storage cases are what most people have and need but if you want to get fancy you can always go for the high-end DVD storage that can be found and some of your electronics stores like Best Buy and HH Gregg. These stores have some upper echelon choices when it comes to your DVD storage options. CD storage cases are in the same genre as the DVD and they are interchangeable. The trick is to see how much DVD storage capacity you have and let that dictate what kind of media storage you will need.


The great thing about a DVD storage case is that it will fit nicely in your DVD storage rack or tower. I mega loads of DVD cases in my media storage cabinet and it is the perfect compliment to my television stand. This way you get not only the storage space that your television furniture has but also a separate piece of DVD storage furniture to help keep your growing collection under control. Go get your DVD storage cases and set yourself apart from the rest of the world that has nothing but scratch media lying around everywhere.


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