couses of Climate Change

Scientists have conducted test of the hypothesis according to which the lowlands and plains, the climate is changing faster than at higher elevations, and therefore the plain forest ecosystems will be slower to change and adapt to new conditions, not having time to reach the actual temperature change.

From a scientific point of view, the rate of climate change – the distance by which to move over the surface of the planet each year so that during a year average temperature condition remained unchanged. This rate is measured in kilometers per year, and according to current estimates, the rate of climate change is about 0.42 kilometers per year.

For forests located at higher elevations, the backlog of climate change on the average is 0.42 degrees, and for the forests of lowlands and plains – 1.29 degrees. Namely, the plants growing up in the mountains 3.1 times faster addapt to climate changes than the plants that are growin in lowlands.