In this day and age, it is surprisingly easy to live by being more ecologically responsible. It is surprising because it would not take drastic changes in our life styles. With just a few changes here and there in our life can make a difference as far as the environment is concerned. Most of us have heard the term “carbon footprint”.

What does it mean exactly? The simple explanation is to live in such a way so that we do not leave any pollution behind. A simple example would be if a person drives a car a lot and eats a lot of processed and manufactured foods, then his or her carbon foot print would be more than somebody who uses a bicycle and eats simple organic foods.

There so many eco friendly products on the market today. Everything from cars, bags, food, cleaning agents, furniture and even jewelry is available that can help reduce ones carbon foot print. So let’s take a closer look at some of these products. Cars are no doubt one of the biggest pollutants. In some countries it is second only to food manufacturing, when it comes to pollution issues. Nowadays hybrid cars that burn nearly half the fuel are available. Another trend in the automobile sector is electric cars. Even though this sector is still quite young, it is showing promising results.

Here are seven ways to cooperate with Eco Friendly Lifestyle:

1.Use Light Bulbs

Use light bulbs that save energy , work well and although they have a higher value, it will be an investment that you will see reflected month by month in your light bill. “In addition to all these measures, turning off lights and unplugging electronic devices when we stop using them is also critical, ” says Samira.

2. Use Reusable Water Bottle

Try to use plastic bottle at work instead of using a disposable cup every day. If you like to carry some kind of liquid, use a bottle that will last in time, instead of buying a disposable that you will throw when finishing its content.

3. Use Rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries have been on the market for years, but many people still use alkaline batteries, which when disposed of are quite toxicTo give you an idea of ​​how important it is to change this habit, a single alkaline battery can contaminate 100,000 liters of water when discarded. The Greenpeace assistant gave us a very good idea. “We have to take advantage of using the technology, things that are loaded through a USB port are always good choice when it comes to wanting to help with the environment.”

4.Use bike or foot to travel to Nearest Place

If you go to a nearby place it is not always necessary to get out by car, try to go by bike or on foot , because not only will you be caring for the environment, doing the most ecological, but you will take advantage of exercise. Another good option is public transport, which is greener than we are all in separate vehicles.

5.Reusable Shopping Bags

A plastic bag can take 150 years to degrade and are not so necessary. Try to use reusable shopping bags, and if something small is going to happen to you in a bag, better store it directly in your wallet. Another of the big problems of the plastic bags, according to Samira is that “they damage the animals, they confuse them with food”.

6.Reduce your paper consumption

Reduce your paper consumption. If you are not interested in the publicity they are distributing on the street, do not receive it. Try to get your accounts to your email. Do not print emails unless it is strictly necessary.

7.Separate your trash

Separate your trash depending on the clean spot you go to. Unfortunately, not all are so specific, but in most cases you can leave plastic bottles, papers and boxes Tetra Pak.

Next let’s take a look at food. Not many people know that food; especially non-vegetarian foods are some of the most polluting products in the world. This happened because of corporate farming, which had to destroy fragile eco-systems in order run cattle and poultry farms. Cows are some of the most expensive animals to own, in terms of water and feed. In fact the beef and poultry industry contributes nearly 18 percent of the world’s carbon monoxide and green house gas out put! To put that in perspective, vehicles account for around 13 percent. Part of the problem is the methane that a cattle ranch produces. If you want to really help with the environment, then cut down on meat intake, or even better, go vegetarian.

The next thing to look into would be our own homes. Obviously using less electricity and propane, would help a lot towards having a life which is more eco friendly. Make sure the house is sealed up properly so that cool or hot air does not escape easily. Another area would be cleaning products. Use household materials such as baking soda as much as possible for cleaning, instead of toxic cleaning soaps.

Do you dare to take any of these measures? What are you currently doing to help with this cause? Remember that it is in you to create a greener environment.