Wind chimes are a stunning accent to any patio, backyard or home. They add charm and elegance, all while offering beautiful and calming tones. A wind chime is a simple yet magnificent piece that will add the perfect touch of style and fun to your patio, garden, or home. There are many different styles and varieties on the market today because people have different preferences. Some offer a rich tone, some offer bass notes, and some offer high-pitched tinkling sounds. No matter your preference, you can find the best wind chimes for you. There is a lot to learn about this kind of percussion instrument, so keep reading to learn more and find our top picks for the best wind chimes.

What Are Wind Chimes and How Do They Work?

Wind chimes come in a variety of shapes, materials, and styles, but they all have a similar build. At the top is a hook or mechanism that allows easy hanging, and strings come together at the hook. These strings hold multiple objects that offer the classic wind chime sound and a wind catcher. Wind catchers work by the power of the wind. The wind catcher hangs in the middle of the chime and catches the wind, which makes it move around and knock the chimes into one another to make beautiful sounds. Each bell has its own specific tone or sound, so each product is unique.

Where Do You Use Wind Chimes?

People generally use wind chimes outdoors, including around their porch, patio, and garden. You can also place them in your home in front of a window or where there is a gentle breeze. Also, another type of wind chime is the doorbell chime, which you place by the front door.

Wind chimes add beauty to your space while offering a splendid sound that everyone can enjoy. Many people own wind chimes because they enjoy the relaxing and calming effect of the musical tones. Some people use them to block out unwanted noise around their home or yard, while others simply enjoy displaying them for their beauty. As you can see, the amazing musical tones and exquisite craftsmanship of a simple yet high quality wind chime is absolutely intriguing. Wind chimes can change your backyard into a relaxing oasis. You and your guests will enjoy the beauty and splendor a wind chime offers to your home or garden, so consider adding some of the best wind chimes to your home today.

5 of the Best Wind Chimes Reviews

If you want to diversify your home decor, a wind chime is a great way to get started. They look great and they make beautiful sounds, so there are multiple benefits to buy one. However, the options for wind chimes are practically endless, so it can be hard to pick the right one for your home. In order to help you out, we have compiled information on some of the best wind chimes available on the market. We also have information on other styles, so take the time to inform yourself about all your options.

1. Woodstock Medium Amazing Grace Chime–Inspirational Collection

How would you like to hear your favorite tune as a wind chime? Cool, isn’t it?  Now, you can have the familiar and favorite tones of Amazing Grace on your porch. With the makers of the Woodstock wind chimes producing these lovely aluminum tubes, the Amazing Grace chime features the opening verse of this beloved hymn.

As you sit on your porch in a calm and gentle breeze, let the Woodstock wind chime soothe you with inspirational musical notes.  Thanks to the expert craftsmanship of the makers of the Woodstock wind chime, the Amazing Grace chime accurately reproduces the musical notes that you know and love.  Not only are the Woodstock wind chimes a beauty to look at, but they are also durable and able to stand up to any harsh treatment from Mother Nature.

Highlighted Features

  • This wind chime is made to the opening tune of Amazing Grace, a hymn that is well known and loved.
  • It is 24 inches in length.
  • The wood has a cherry ash wood finish and six aluminum tubes.
  • You can remove the windcatcher to customize your wind chime.
  • The Woodstock brand has been around for over 30 years, so you know these are high-quality wind chimes.

2. Pixpri Wind Chimes – Elegant Metal Design

There is nothing quite like the clear and melodious sounds of a perfectly working wind chime. With that being said, you should try the Pixpri Wind Chime for calm relaxation on your porch. Not only are the chimes warm and melodious, but they also remain clear even when the wind picks up.  That’s the way a great wind chime works – no jumbled mess during high winds and every note is as clear as crystal. The Pixpri Wind Chimes feature six sound tubes that are tuned to the “B” musical scale.

It is quite easy to set up your wind chime. Just screw the “S” hook on a tree or the patio and hang your chimes up.  That’s it; you are done! You do not need any tools, and you can get your tubular wind chimes up without any hassle. The windcatcher is large enough to capture the wind and allows the chimes to sway and sound their notes. However, you can get your chimes going with even the slightest breeze.

Highlighted Features

  • The tones of the wind chimes are rich, clear, and calming like the lyre or lute.
  • Its design features an elegant powder coat finish, stylish black aluminum tubes, and a windcatcher with a silver finish.
  • These metal chimes are great for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • These durable and long-lasting Pixpri wind chimes will produce a strong, rich tone for years to come.
  • It is easy to install on trees or roof overhangs using the hanging “S” hook.

3. Wailua Wind Chimes– Soothing Melodic Tones

An appropriate addition to your outdoor décor is the Wailua chime that the company has carefully crafted to satisfy your tastes. If you need to enhance your backyard décor and add music at the same time, these are some of the best wind chimes for you. You are rewarded with the harmonious blend of musical notes and beautiful sounds that bring calmness to everyone around.

Relax and be at peace with your surroundings as these bamboo and aluminum wind chimes treat your senses to its calm, rich, yet soft tones. Not only are the Wailua chimes a stylish addition to your décor, but they are also great gifts for your family and friends. You will even notice that your chime comes with a larger wind catcher in case you need it.

Highlighted Features

  • Your bamboo and aluminum chime is both stylish and functional; It consists of recyclable bamboo and aluminum tubular wind chimes.
  • It also has a classy, traditional design that uses long, straight lines (pipes) and hexagonal angles (in the bamboo). Black nylon string hangs from a discreet silver ring to complete the design.
  • From the hanging ring to the bottom, the chime is 29 inches long. The six aluminum tubes range from 10 inches to 14 inches in length, the suspension platform at the top has a width of 5 inches, and the wind catcher and striker are each 2.5 inches wide.
  • The chimes present a unique version of the G-major Pentatonic scale.
  • You can place it anywhere you like–in the garden, on the patio, or on a tree.
  • You can give these chimes as gifts for any occasion.

4. Cohasset Gifts Antique Bamboo Wind Chime

If you want your backyard and home decor to reflect the peace and serenity nature provides, this set of wooden wind chimes is for you. Other than the string that holds the wind catcher and chimes, each piece consists of rustic wood pieces. These wind chimes produce low, resonant tones that everyone can enjoy. It is perfect for many people because, with its medium size, they do not create so much noise as to cause a distraction. You can place them both inside and outside because bamboo is a hardy material that can withstand the elements. The added coconut wood also adds a beachy tone that can make you feel like you are on vacation at home.

Highlighted Features

  • Each piece of these wind chimes consists of wood, with the six chimes consisting of stained bamboo and the suspension platform consisting of coconut wood.
  • Each chime is a different length. The longest is about 16 inches, and the shortest is about 12 inches. In total, the entire set is about 32 inches long, and the suspension platform is 5.5 inches wide.
  • This is a great eco-friendly product because bamboo is fast-growing and sustainable.
  • Artisans in Bali handcraft each chime, making each one unique and special.
  • Bamboo weathers the elements gracefully, which only adds to your outdoor decor.

5. FittiDoll Wind Chime

What if your wind chime could last for a very long time, producing the same melodious sounds as they did the day you bought them? That is what you will get with the FittiDoll Wind Chime. With this elegantly designed wind chime, it will enhance your home décor. The FittiDoll Wind Chime is ready to use right out of the box, so you can enjoy one of the best wind chimes on the market in no time at all. It is so easy to set up. All it takes is for you to attach the “S” hook to your roof overhang or a tree and it is ready to chime.

Highlighted Features

  • The FittiDoll Wind Chime brings a pleasant sound to your home.
  • The company designed this elegant wind chime with 6 silver aluminum tubes that produce a sweet melody.
  • At 27 inches long from its hook to the base of its wind catcher, this wind chime is a medium fit for your home.
  • Expect long-lasting durability from these FittiDoll wind chimes.
  • The wind chime works well in almost anywhere you wish to put them, including the garden, the patio, or wherever you want to add rich melodies to your surroundings.

Types of Wind Chimes

There are many different types of wind chimes. The most popular types use materials like glass, ceramic, bamboo, and metal (aluminum, brass, and stainless steel). Each of these types of wind chimes offers a different musical tone and beauty all their own. The following are only a few of the many styles that you will find. While we have offered a list of some of the best wind chimes available, it purely comes down to personal preference. After reading about the other types, you may realize that a certain style is more fitting for your home decor and aesthetic. Consider each one carefully before making a decision.

1. Glass Wind Chime

Glass wind chimes are stunningly beautiful. Many companies make them with many different vibrant colors. Some of them just have a stained glass decoration such as an animal or shape hanging above the bells, while others have beautiful glass pieces hanging throughout the chime. Some companies even make their Corinthian wind chimes entirely of glass! They produce a beautiful, delicate, and light sound.

Glass wind chimes are a charming addition to any patio or backyard, and they also look great displayed in your home or office. You can find a great variety in a stunning array of colors and beautiful tones. You will love the beauty and serenity that a glass wind chime will bring to your home or outdoor space.


There are several styles of glass wind chimes. One of the most popular styles consists of stained glass. Many options have a glass object such as an animal or flower, which sits above the bells. On the other hand, other glass wind chimes offer beautiful pieces of stained glass dangling throughout the entire piece and around the bells. You are sure to find the perfect glass wind chime to suit your tastes. Whether you choose Corinthian or Japanese wind chimes, each style has a beautiful arrangement of colors and sounds that you will enjoy.


You can find glass wind chimes in a spectacular array of colors, including every color of the rainbow. They are a perfect way to add some color and excitement to your drab porch or patio as the light catches and sparkles in each piece of glass. You and your guests are sure to enjoy the beauty of your chime as it dances in the sunshine and plays an enticing melody when the wind blows. Each piece is different, and this is what makes glass wind chimes unique.


Glass wind chimes have a delicate and light sound that is the perfect addition to any outdoor area. The soothing tone of a glass wind chime is soft, delicate, and relaxing. The sound is very different from large metal wind chimes that tend to have low-pitched tones. Instead, glass wind chimes have a soft clinking sound that varies in pitch depending on the length and size of the glass.


This type of percussion instrument is the perfect gift for that person who already has everything. Your recipient will just love adding a beautiful glass wind chime to his or her outdoor space. They are the perfect gift for any holiday or occasion because glass wind chimes offer a unique touch for your home or yard. Your family and neighbors will enjoy the amazing colors and sound that these chimes offer. The bottom line is that everyone needs at least one on their porch or patio. With the stunning colors and sounds of a glass wind chime, your outdoor living spaces are sure to become your favorite relaxation spot!

2. Metal Wind Chime

Most metal wind chimes consist of tubular pieces of quality metal. This means that most of the metal variety are Corinthian wind chimes. The instrument designer tunes it to perfection so that it offers a beautiful, mellow, and relaxing tone. They are weatherproof and durable, meaning that they will last for a long time to come. This type of chime is quite popular to put on decks or patios.

The soothing sound of a delicate wind chime blowing in the breeze is refreshing. In fact, it’s wonderful to invite friends out onto your backyard deck, knowing the atmosphere will be lively and fun. A metal wind chime is appealing for many reasons. It is a unique decorative accent with its own beautiful song. There are hundreds of styles of this type of product, each with its own personality to match your own. Metal wind chimes are weather resistant and durable. The best wind chimes allow you to choose from chimes consisting of materials such as aluminum, pewter, or brass. Finding the perfect chime for your peaceful place of refuge will be a fun and rewarding experience.


Tubular Corinthian wind chimes are probably the most popular wind chime. They come with several vertically hanging tubes, and many companies offer them in a variety of sizes to fit any setting. Each tube produces its own tone and the group of varying tube lengths makes for an attractive, balanced piece of art.

Another type is the bell wind chime. These are, as you have probably already guessed, wind chimes with one or more bells. Some have traditional looking bells and others have a more contemporary look with bells that have a modern, geometric look.

Some products also come in themed options with favorite flowers and animal shapes. There is so much variety in these types of chimes that there is definitely a chime to fit any décor.


Metal chimes are great because they’re so easy to maintain. They do not require painting, so you never have to worry about them chipping and losing their beauty. You also never have to worry about rust if they come with a protective finish. They are durable and should last for many years with minimal effort.

Great Gift Idea

If you are trying to decide what to get for the people on your gift list, large metal wind chimes are a perfect idea. They make fun, unique gifts for any person.

The next time you’re outside, stop and listen. Does your backyard environment need cheering up? What about your kitchen? Could it use the soft, pleasant sound of a wind chime? Don’t hesitate; add a melodious accent to your home and start enjoying all a metal wind chime has to offer your home and garden. Once you experience high quality wind chimes, you will want your friends and family to experience it.

3. Ceramic Wind Chime

Ceramic wind chimes are some of the most beautiful chimes you will find. These chimes are very decorative and you can oftentimes find them inside homes due to their magnificent beauty. Skilled artisans from around the world hand make these ceramic models, so you know you are receiving high-quality wind chimes. Also, the fact that they are handmade makes these wind chimes unique. These objects create a warm melody as they clink together in the breeze.

Ceramic wind chimes add a lovely, unique dimension to any environment. They combine peaceful sounds with beautiful craftsmanship, and the result is subtly spectacular. Featuring hand-fired, long-lasting ceramic, these fine pieces are an inexpensive way to enliven your deck or porch. They are beautiful indoors by an open window as well. Wherever you decide to hang one, you’ll be pleased with their gentle way of creating a cheerful atmosphere.


Many of the ceramic wind chimes on the market today come from Andean artisans who make them by hand. Each chime is unique in design and sound. There is a huge variety of styles, each with its own personality. A few popular designs include ones with flowers, hummingbirds, cacti, geometric shapes, and heavenly objects. They each look beautiful in any indoor or outdoor environment.


Ceramic chimes are able to withstand powerful wind gusts up to 25 to 30 miles per hour. However, it is a good idea to hang your ceramic chime away from a wall or other hard structure. This is purely just in case an especially strong wind causes a damaging collision. The best wind chimes are durable, but you also have to do your part to make them last.

Unique Gift Idea

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the person who has everything, a ceramic wind chime would be an unexpected yet pleasant surprise. With several original and imaginative designs to choose from, you are sure to find one for anyone on your gift list. They are great for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and Christmas, and they would make a wonderful house warming gift as well. You won’t go wrong with one of these handcrafted, artistic wonders.

Finally, the tranquil sound of softly blowing chimes can be a soothing catharsis. If you or a loved one love the sound of music and would like a handcrafted, original work of art, choose a ceramic variety for yourself or a friend. You’ll be glad you did.

4. Bamboo Wind Chime

This particular kind of instrument designer only uses the finest bamboo to make bamboo wind chimes. Skilled craftsman hand makes and tune them, which certainly makes these wind chimes unique. They also come in a large variety of styles. Bamboo chimes offer a sound that is relaxing to the soul. Many people not only enjoy the sound of the bamboo chime, but it has a natural beauty that you cannot ignore. Bamboo wind chimes are a natural choice for enhancing relaxation because they resonate with a supremely relaxing sound. They are also environmentally friendly, making them the best wind chimes for those who want to take care of the environment.  


Bamboo is a grass that grows into tall, wood-like stalks that are very lightweight and durable. Thankfully, Mother Earth has provided an abundant source of this remarkable cane. A bamboo plant can grow several kilometers of cane, which is functional for making so many things—including beautiful bamboo wind chimes. It also grows quite fast, making it one of the most sustainable materials for chimes.


Though it’s true that some manufacturers choose to use chemicals in their processing, bamboo does not require environmentally questionable chemicals in preparation for making wind chimes. The stalks will dry naturally over time, and the younger, greener stalks can take several months to reach the right stage. Older, bigger stalks are not as green, but they may have a tendency to eventually split. See the section below to learn more about splitting and its advantages and disadvantages.


Splitting will occur to some degree in the majority of dried bamboo stalks. This is simply a natural feature of bamboo. This may affect the chime’s sound, but any changes will be very slight. Many people prefer the sound of split bamboo wind chimes, or a chime with a combination of whole tubes and split pieces. This is as much a visual choice as anything else since splitting does not affect the quality of the product. You may want to experiment with both styles to discover if you have a preference.


The sizes of a bamboo option depend very much on how many tubes it holds, as well as the diameter of the bamboo tubes themselves. These wooden wind chimes can be charmingly small with a more delicate wooden sound. However, the sizes can also go up to an impressive 60-inches long, giving the product a deeper and richer large wind chimes sound.

Natural Melody

Bamboo wind chimes produce tones that no other material can duplicate. With their hollow, lingering sound, bamboo wind chimes are very relaxing. The tones will always be deep and resonant, no matter the size. However, the shorter, narrower tubes produce a slightly higher tone than the longer, wider tubes. All lengths produce a natural sound that is never artificial or grating. If you prefer more natural sounds, wooden ones will be the best wind chimes for you.

Whether you choose bamboo wind chimes for their environmental qualities, their beautiful sound, or both reasons, breathe deep and relax while you listen to one of nature’s most beautiful songs.

How to Make DIY Wind Chimes

If you do not want to spend the money on the best wind chimes, you can also make your own. This makes it so that you have total creative freedom in the process, and you will love the final product. You can buy supplies at your local craft store, but you can also upcycle items that you have around the house. This includes keys, metal bottle caps, copper piping, stainless steel, seashells, sticks, and just about any other item you can think of. If it clinks when it hits the other pieces, you can use it for your DIY wind chimes.

For example, if you want to make a beach-themed wind chime, use twisted pieces of wood and seashells. You can then string them together with fishing line or twine. If you want to make one more on the fancy side, hang old goblets together and listen to the unique sounds they produce. Whatever your home decor is like, you can easily make wind chimes to match.

Final Thoughts on the Best Wind Chimes

In order to help you in your search for the best wind chimes, we have compiled a short list for you to consider. While customers rate these items high, there are many more styles and materials for you to learn about. The most popular wind chimes consist of glass, metal, ceramic, and bamboo pieces and are typically the Corinthian style. Even if you do not find one that you like enough to buy, DIY wind chimes are extremely easy to make. No matter how you go about it, having a wind chime is a great way to decorate and introduce relaxing sounds to your home.

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