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dulux diamond oil based gloss

White paint is a versatile solution that combines with all kinds of colors and allows you to create many styles. Available in satin and matte finish, it brings luminosity to the rooms and serves as a base to create with color the color that you like the most.

Top 5 White Gloss Paint

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How to choose white paint

The keys

  • The white paint brings luminosity and achieves a visual sensation of amplitude.
  • In the choice of paint take into account the number of layers required, the resistance to washing and performance (square meters that you can paint with a liter of product).
  • The satin finish is more resistant and washable, while the matt covers more and conceals the imperfections in walls and ceilings.

5 Best White Gloss Paint Reviews

Diamond Brite Paint 40400 1-Gallon Kichen and Bath with Mildew Protection Semi Gloss Latex Paint White

After consistent uses (abuses, in some case) for years, it’s normal to see your furniture, be it some woodwork or metal cabinet, strip off their real paint. And since leaving those peeled off stuff open on the yard can be horrifying to the guests or passers-by, you can turn the table and make your lawn furniture look attractive simply by applying the Diamond Brite Semi Gloss Latex White Paint on them. In fact, 1 single gallon of this semi gloss paint would be enough to cover most of their ugly appearances.

Immune to mildew, it hardly allows the upsurging of brown spotting afterward. So, perking up the look of kitchen or bathroom walls with this paint will also be a rewarding decision. You can either brush, roll or spray the paint on your walls, after filling the unwanted holes with spackle paste. And since it’s splatter and fade resistant, a continuous encounter with (either gentle or forceful) water will make no difference in its glamorous touch-up.

With one (sometimes, two) coating(s) of the Diamond Brite Paint on your interior walls, no fingerprint or stain of grease will ever be obstinate enough to last forever. A simple wiping will help keep them looking fresh for years to come.

Rust-Oleum 7792504 Protective Enamel Paint Stops Rust, 32-Ounce, Gloss White

Revamp any of your old, darn pieces of furniture or workshop items with the Rust-Oleum 7792504 Protective Enamel Paint. It’s thick enough to cover your product with one coat, but you can go for another to make them look smoother with a sophisticated finish. This USA product is ready to accent both interior and exterior materials.

Primarily meant to prevent rust, this gloss white paint’s best usage includes painting metal beds, railings, racks and the like. Besides, the gloss white enamel sealed while covering a wide area with a lasting impression. Therefore, even after a long period of time, they keep on making a statement.

A word to the wise – since gloss paints tend to betray your wall’s bumps and spots, the prep is a must. So, before you start applying this nationally VOC compliant hue on your walls or chattels, spend quality time on proper sanding in order to ensure rust, chip and gradual fading free shiny gloss paint.

Rust-Oleum 249060 Painter’s Touch Multi Purpose Spray Paint, 12-Ounce, White

Getting a gloss paint that can be applied on multiple surfaces is a wee bit tricky these days. You may find one that has wide coverage but takes longer to dry, while some others come with easy to use feature yet lack in durability. However, with the Rust-Oleum 249060 Multi Purpose Spray Paint in your collection, you can see all these complications swept away assuring proper shine on the applied objects.

Starting from the advanced 2x cover technology to fast drying, it combines every trait you may want to see in a gloss paint. Its shiny application isn’t limited to wood or metal, you can go as far as painting your plaster, wicker, or unglazed ceramic surfaces. Spray the target areas from any angle, and once done, they will be touch-dry in 20 mins only. In case, you want to paint the materials that remain close to little kids or animals, wait for max. 72 hours to make them entirely toxic free.

Krylon K08800007 ‘Dual’ Superbond Paint and Primer, Gloss White, 12 Ounce

Tagged as Amazon’s Choice for “white spray paint for wood”, the Krylon K08800007 Gloss White can do more than what other brands can only think of. Its versatile application ranges from small, crafty home projects to painting massive industrial appliances. And while doing so, you can randomly choose the materials, thanks to its compatibility to add garnishing touch to almost all sorts of elements.

The best part? A single can of Krylon K08800007 acts as both a paint and a primer. So, it literally saves you from spending extra bucks on priming. You may find it little bit thin but since it dries quickly, you can opt for another coating to see utmost shine with a Krylon-quality finish.

True to color, this spray can is easy to use. Just manage to do your projects in an open space, as any congested area may trap the odor inside causing irritation in the eyes, nose and/or your respiratory tract. And while spraying on a vertical surface, be sure to complete the task through multiple light coats so as to prevent dripping in between.

Rust-Oleum 7797502 Stops Rust, 32 oz. Quart, Semi Gloss White

Another rust resistant product from Rust-Oleum arrives the white gloss paint industry and meeting nearly all the requirements of the consumers, it has earned the honor of Amazon’s Choice in the category of “White Gloss Paint”. Completely immune to the rough forces of nature, it performs reliably on both indoor and outdoor areas.

Since the feature of durability complements all oil based paints, you can undoubtedly see it working unimpaired amidst extreme weather changes. No matter in which material you apply it, be it a woodwork, metal table legs, stone or concrete surface, it will cover around 100 sq ft. each can.

Though it takes 24 hours to start shining your furniture, you can touch the paint after 4 hours only. And once fully dried, it creates a hard coating that neither chips nor allows the water to touch the surface. Hence, it’s a great as well as affordable choice when keeping your preferred objects waterproof is your top priority.

Advantages of white paint

• Combines with all types of materials and colors. It adapts to any style.
• Visually expand the space.
• Brings light to the room.
• Matte white camouflages the possible imperfections of the walls.
• White is a classic color that does not go out of style.
• If we decide to change the color of the walls, it is easier to paint on a white background than on a colored background.

Aspects to take into account: cover and washability

In the choice of paint, white or colored, you must take into account two basic characteristics:

Cover or number of layers . It is the ability of a paint to cover or cover the bottom (the more it covers, the less layers there are to give). That is, a painting with more coverage can make the task easier because it requires less time and effort.
Monolayer paints allow you to cover intense colors with just one coat of paint.

Washability . It is the resistance to washing to eliminate stains. A high quality paint allows you to wipe a damp cloth to remove stains without removing the paint.

Satin, Matt or Glossy?

Satin paint is more resistant and washable, which is why it is recommended for high transit periods such as corridors and children’s rooms. When reflecting the light, the possible imperfections of the wall become more evident.

In Ideas of Colores  we always talk about the power that color has to change the appearance of a room but, do you know how the brightness affects? The finishing of the painting is another dimension to consider. Whether matte, satin or glossy, its effect will be special and, therefore, an aspect to consider when decorating your home.

Matte finish paint is the most popular for painting walls. Softens surfaces and distributes light through the room, instead of reflecting it. In addition, it is much easier to apply because the touch-ups are not as evident as in the satin or gloss finishes. But you’ll have to make sure it can be easily cleaned with water.

When choosing where to apply a matte paint, you should bear in mind that, as a rule, it is recommended that the ceilings be matt finish, since you will avoid the appearance of light reflections that distract the attention of the walls and furniture of the stay. We also recommend that you use it on walls with imperfections or that they receive abundant natural light.

The bright finish paint highlights the color and surface, so it must be used sparingly on the walls. However, we suggest that you use it to make decorative effects or paint with templates on a matte finish base paint. Use the same color in matt and glossy finish and you will get very attractive subtle effects.

On the other hand, for wood surfaces is perfect, you can paint the furniture with a glossy finish to contrast with the matte of the walls.

Have you already decided what will be the finish of your walls? Let’s do it!

Healthy painting: low levels of VOC

Water-based paints reduce contaminants in your home. They contain low levels of VOC (volatile organic compounds) that damage the ozone layer and health. These paints are water based and do not contain solvents.

The European regulation establishes that matt paints for interior walls and ceilings can contain a maximum of VOC 30 g / l of VOC (the limit is 100 g / l in the case of glossy paints), however you can find paints with VOC levels between 0 and 1. In addition to being less toxic than synthetic paints (to the solvent, such as enamels or lacquers), they smell less and dry to the touch in less than an hour.

Paints for each specific case

There are products adapted to different needs depending on the stay, the finish and the surface you are going to paint.

Mold-resistant paints, for example, gradually release silver ions (Ag +) – which act as an antibiotic barrier – to protect the surface of mold, fungi and bacteria.

Other solutions are non-drip ceilings, stucco paints and relief surfaces or those recommended to visually enlarge the size of the room.

Calculate the surface to be painted

To calculate the paint that you will need you must pay attention to the performance of the painting (square meters that covers per liter) and to the covering or number of layers. With a monolayer paint it will suffice with a coat of paint, while in the case of conventional paints you will need two or more hands depending on the intensity of the color of the wall.

As a general rule, in order to calculate the paint cans you need, it is enough to divide the surface to be painted between the performance per liter indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer. The result is the number of liters that are needed for the surface you want to paint.


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