Every time you hit the road, be it a family trip or for some work purpose, the pre-trip auto check-up is kind of a norm. Because we, the car drivers know how frustrating it feels when our vehicle got stuck in the middle of a highway or on some deserted far-off place. Reasons could either be the car’s battery failure or some bulges inside the tire(s).

But truth to be told, you can get stuck even after you’ve your SUV treated with everything to ensure a smooth journey. How? Ditches on a muddy or snowy area are something every driver is nearly predestined to encounter at least once in their lifetime.

It’s not that every time we will fall such awkward situations. Since we’re meant to wear a supportive attitude, it’s better to get ourselves furnished with all the essential gears, tactics as well as experiences. This will also help you save both your time and penny that could be wasted on hiring towing trucks.

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 5 Tow/Recovery Straps

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So, in order to lead you to an obstruction-free venture, we’ve covered 5 best tow straps in this article. Bear with us till the end to get easy, step by step guideline on how to use the strap.

5 Tow/Recovery Straps Reviews

1. RHINO USA COMBO Shackle Hitch Receiver & 30′ Tow Strap

Rhino USA did their homework when they devised the COMBO Shackle Hitch Receiver & 30′ Tow Strap, producing a kit that ticked all of the boxes claiming high-features.The considerate design and handy characteristics of this strap show that the inventors themselves rely on this product as their personal towing tool. The package comes with 30″ tow strap that’s capable of securing 31,418 lb, and a hefty Rhino Shackle Hitch Receiver with a quality finish. Besides, the D- ring shackle has got 4 holes, meaning that you can hang it either vertically or horizontally following your need. Best of all, you cannot beat the price.


  • Robust structure – This well-built tow strap along with the hitch receiver is guaranteed to last longer than your expectation.
  • Solid black painted shackle hitch – The coating empowers the hitch to be more powerful while giving it a striking look.
  • Shackle hitch receiver included- Witness a superb craftsmanship in its smooth edges that make towing safer and more reliable.
  • Money back guarantee – Whenever you feel like you’re not convinced with the service provided by this Rhino product, they’ll always have your back by refunding the money.

2. Premium Recovery Tow Strap 25000lbs

Broken trees lying on the road are common when you’re driving after a stormy day. And when you think of crossing that blocked highway without damaging your vehicle, the Premium Recovery Tow Strap (with its 25.000 lbs towing capacity) will come into play. Again, struggling with snow, mud or heaps of garbage around your transportation will be a thing of past when you’ve this kit secured inside the trunk of your car. While doing all these perfectly, this polyester strap also gives the piece of mind that it won’t recoil in case it breaks, meaning that you’ll end up rescuing without causing any sort of impairment to the vehicles. However, it shares some shortcomings associated with the polyester product, for example when the line gets firm, the strap will jolt causing injury to different towing points.


  • Versatile – This tow strap is something you can depend on whether it’s an off-road recovery or you just need to tow a stuck automobile from a dampy ground.
  • Polyester made – It’s stronger, safer and more universal than the nylon ones.
  • Safety vest included – This reflective vest acts like a lifesaver as other motorists will be aware of your presence even when the environ is full of fog, smoke or darkened with cloudy weather.
  • Bright colored strap with gray loop – No matter what weather condition is prevailing there, its yellow color will keep it visible to the beholders and the gray loop is nearly unbeatable for a risk free towing performance.
  • 100% Refundable –  Though the BandySafety comes with all the essentials to meet their customers’ need, you’ll still be entertained with a full money back guarantee if the product fails to live up to your expectations.

3. Tow & Cargo Tow Recovery Strap, Heavy Duty With Loops

With min. 30000 lbs breaking strength, this surviving tool lets you overcome all kind of hurdles you may encounter during your journey on a swampy, snowy or sandy land. Its 30 ft. length helps you maintain the gap between the cars for unimpaired pulling. Besides, after every recovery act, you can easily dry and prepare the stretchy detachable sleeves on both loop ends fast for the next trip. This heat-repellent and damp-proof strap isn’t springy, therefore, you are assured to have a safe tugging experience, anytime. And the velcro strap simply makes it easier, quicker and less fiddly to store when not in use.


  • Multi-functional – The statement “One tool fits all” best demonstrates the efficiency of this tow strap while working with variety of vehicles. And it can perfectly be coupled with any sort of winch or pulling gear.
  • Double stitched loop ends – While rescuing a heavier motor car, you can rely on its uncompromising and tough construction as well as design.
  • Easy to store – The included storage bag has made it easy to convey while you are aiming for a stumble free off-road adventure.
  • Immune to climate changes- To deal with unanticipated weather conditions, this long strap is built out of first-rate polyester, that ensures quality performance for years after year.
  • Affordable – Loaded with so many wonderful features, yet inexpensive. So, you can have it without cutting your budget.

4. 3″, 30′ Nylon Recovery Strap, Snatch Strap, Tow Strap

TGL dipped their toe in the tow strap manufacturing trade, and we’re pleased they did. When we came across the 30 feet nylon strap for this review, we’re welcomed with its amazing features which are sure to win your heart. Starting from the load capacity of 24000 lb. to the reinforced loops, everything makes it an ideal choice for certain applications. It ensures a firm hold while not being too inflexible for top towing (boosted with kinetic energy). The non-disposable storage strap works like magic to get rid off its dampness. It also helps to coil it smaller enough to disappear anywhere inside your SUV. Kudos to the inventor! The price point is great too.


  • Neoprene sleeves – The sleeves are flexible and guard both ends from gradual wearing away.
  • Shock proof – Structured with nylon, this strap is way more stretchy and can digest the jerk, produced from the pulling car for popping the vehicle from its glued position.
  • Velcro strap – After rescuing the truck from mud, you’ll find the velcro handy to quickly wrap the strap up before continuing your journey ahead.
  • Dark color – While the green or yellow straps lose their novelty of appearance from the very first use, it’s black color will offer strong appeal after continual service.

5. Ultimate Tow Recovery Strap 35000lb

Disproving the stereotype that the non-stretchy straps are best applicable for towing, Sunferno has come up with a kit containing 10% maximum stretch which helps recover a stuck jeep like a hot knife through butter. Its perfect dimension involves 3” of width and 20 feet of length along with single-ply webbing which has made it tougher than those with multiple layers. The reinforced eyelets finely handle any sort of shackles you can have. Furthermore, this reasonably priced strap doesn’t come alone. It comprises other handy accessories (worth $26) as well. The included protective sleeves will safeguard your palm against the sharp rims, if there’s any! And you can make the kit nearly disappear by tying it with the wrap tie before putting it into that carry bag. Overall, based on both performance and design, it achieved a very fair score, acing out its rivals.


  • Perfect for towing as well as recovery – When you think of carrying only one strap for both towing and recovering purpose, choosing this model would be an irregretable one so that you don’t need to switch frequently.
  • Water resistant – On a rainy day, you’ll find its moisture free material user-oriented.
  • Enduring – With 35000 lbs. break strength and stiff sewing pattern, this towing gear is less prone to corrosion and therefore, possesses a long lifespan.
  • High visibility –

How to use a tow strap

Purchasing the accurate towing gear means you’ve won only half the battle, and the climax (using it in practical life) is yet to reach! Granted, the product comes with a user manual and a lot of tutorials are available on youtube. But when the actual mishap happens, we become too impatient to read or watch those instructions. So, in order to rescue the vehicles in need, read the following steps beforehand.

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  1. Inspection – First of all, check if the strap you’ll be using has reliable stitching, with no wear or tear.
  2. Recognizing the tow hook – Then find the tow hook in front of the car you want to pull. If you don’t see any tow hook there, the least appreciable place we suggest as strap connector is the frame of that stuck vehicle.
  3. Attaching the strap with the hook
    1. If your strap has loops on each side, lead one of the eyelets strung through the hook eyelets, and then let the entire length of the line pass through the hole.
    2. If the strap has got a metal hook on its end, keep its open-end upside down to avoid sudden disconnection.
  4. Reducing the distance – Drive the towing vehicle as close as possible to the stuck one. And you’ll find the receiver gear on its back handy to connect the other end of the belt with it.
  5. Pulling – Once you’re confirmed that all the joints are firmly connected, you’re ready to pull. Start slow and maintain smooth driving until both cars reach a flat/ safe surface. That’s it!


Now, as you’ve got some idea about the best tow straps available out there and how to use them, you won’t need any high-paid professional to tow a stuck motor car, fallen tree or heap of garbage anymore. Things to keep in mind –

  • Both nylon and polyester straps have their own merits and demerits. Considering their downsides, you’ll need to decide which one will suit your purpose best.
  • Never feel the haste to getting the car unstuck as it’ll produce unwanted jolts and consequently, you’ll end up risking the lives of people present there, or at least damaging the connected vehicle parts.
  • And finally, it would be better if you tow the stuck car with the driver inside it. This will help you make necessary adjustments as well as break the car after reaching the target spot.

We never wish you to get stuck, but if it happens we want you to remain calm, safe and do the towing in a proper way.