Best Toilet Flapper System Reviews

best toilet flapper system

A Toilet flapper is made of rubber materials and part of the flushing system in your toilet tank that seals the water and serves as a gate valve that releases the water to the bowl when you flush. Unfortunately, these flappers will deteriorate or lose its pliability in your toilet tank thus losing its functionality to stop water from passing from the tank to the bowl. And when this happens water from the toilet tank will leak out and go straight to the bowl. That will never stop flushing, and that’s bad you are wasting a lot of water, yes about 200 gallons of water a day. If your toilet flapper is totally warped out thus, it is fitted loosely and will consequently increase your water bill up to a hundred of dollars.

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What to do When Your Toilet Flapper is Broken?

Have you ever Wonder why you’re toilet bowl never stop on flushing water? And you consumed too much water because of that problem. Well, probably it’s time to replace that old toilet flapper inside that tank in your toilet bowl.
There are lots of brand names to choose from if we talk about toilet flapper, with this review we gave you the best brands that are available in the market today thus saving your time in finding a good one for a replacement and value for your money.

Here are the 5 Best Toilet Flapper Reviews

1. The Kohler Toilet Flapper

Toilets are an absolute necessity wherever location you may be at. This is because people often use the toilet for their body’s needs. Because of the importance that they have in a person’s life, it is also important for these toilets to work and to be easily maintained.

Kohler is one such company that offers toilets and other products to their customers. Their merchandise includes the Kohler Toilet Flapper. This flapper is a stopper that is usually made out of rubber and sometimes comes with a chain or a hook. It serves as a gateway between the tank and the toilet blow, and it actually is the beginning of the toilet’s flushing procedure. Some of these stoppers also include floats which are usually located on the surface of the water in the tank. When a person flushes, this float drops and initializes a switch for more water to flow into the reservoir to prepare it for the next time that it flushes. This flow of water stops at a pre-determined level, and when it does, the float then presses the switch to stop the incoming water.

The Kohler Toilet Flapper is available in different models to fit the different types and models that Kohler offers to their customers. There is no universal toilet flapper for Kohler because of these different toilet types. For a person to replace an old toilet flapper, he/she must know the model type of their current flapper so as not to purchase the wrong kind.

All in all, having a toilet that works is very important since the toilet plays an important role in everyday life. It is important to replace defective or old parts with the appropriate and corresponding new parts. If you need to replace a Kohler toilet flapper, then you must be certain what your current flapper’s model number is and get the corresponding part.

2. The American Standard Toilet Flapper

American Standard has always been a company known for its products concerned with home appliances. They are not only known for kitchen appliances but bathroom appliances and fixtures as well. Their list of products includes toilets which is a necessity for every human being to own.

American Standard toilets are said to be one of the more popular brands known. Many people buy these products because of their popularity in the marketplace. Along with their line of brand new equipment, the company also manufactures, distributes, and sells toilet parks in case people need to repair their toilets or if something goes wrong. Included in their list of parts for sale is the American Standard Toilet Flapper.

The American Standard Toilet Flapper is a rubber stopper. It is closed when the toilet is not in use and is open once a person flushes the toilet. Some of these flappers come as complete assemblies of the whole flushing mechanism. Other flappers are available as the stopper itself and the chain which connects it to the flushing mechanism of the toilet.

Once a person flushes the toilet, the American Standard toilet flapper opens pulling the water found inside the tank to the toilet itself. The water is refilled automatically and stops at a certain point once it is found to be full. Some flappers come with floats which act as triggers for the water that refills the tank to come in or to stop.

In general, flappers are an important part of the whole flushing process found inside an average toilet. They serve to contain the water inside the tank when not in use and to let that water out once the toilet flushes. If your toilet’s flapper seems to be rundown or defective, it is important to replace this part so as not to waste water.

3. TOTO Toilet Flapper

TOTO is one of the brands that are rising to popularity nowadays. It offers a variety of toilets for sale to its customers. Aside from this, they also offer other items for a person’s bathroom needs such as bathtubs and washlets. For their toilets, this company also offers several flushing systems which a person can avail of. These are the Double Cyclone flushing system, the E-Max flushing system, the Dual-Max flushing system, and the G-Max flushing system. These flushing systems include the TOTO toilet flapper as part of their components.

The TOTO toilet flapper is a rubberized water stopper which controls the influx of water to the tank itself and the outgoing of water from the tank to the toilet itself. It is the main part of the flushing process. Since the company offers several types of toilets, it is also a fact that these toilets have their corresponding flapper models since not every flapper model can fit every one of these toilets. Also, like most of the things in life, these parts may become old, worn, or rundown. Because being rundown might cause problems in your toilet, it is important to replace these parts immediately if they seem to malfunction to prevent anything more from happening. A person should make sure that they know the correct unit number or model part of the TOTO toilet flapper that they already use so that they can buy the corresponding unit part fit for their toilet unit.

A person cannot live without toilets or bathroom equipment. It is a necessity of life. In order to get the best out of the bathroom experience, you also have to make sure that you get the best deal for your money. Making sure that you have durable equipment is important. It is also important that the parts of your equipment work properly.

4. Eljer Toilet Flapper

A house usually has a kitchen and a bathroom. The number of kitchens and bathrooms found in a person’s abode usually depends on the number of people living in these houses and their preferences. Some may have large families with a lot of bathrooms. Some may have smaller families with only one. However, for each of these kitchens or bathrooms, there are certain things or pieces of equipment that are common to these rooms.

A toilet is available in most bathrooms around the globe. This is because going to the toilet is an important part of a person’s life and hygiene. Since it plays a vital role, it is therefore essential and a must that these toilets are working appropriately and efficiently. One company that manufactures these kinds of toilets is the Eljer company.

Eljer is a company which provides bathroom equipment for their customers. They also provide kitchen sinks which they sell. In case of defective parts or if a customer’s toilet suddenly gets to be problematic, the company also offers replacement parts for sale such as the Eljer toilet flapper.

Toilet flappers are usually made out of rubber. The Eljer toilet flapper can also be made out of rubber, plastic, or other like material. These flappers are concerned with the incoming and outgoing of water or the whole flushing process of a toilet. They seal the water inside the tank when the toilet is not used. When the flushing process is activated, the flapper opens up and lets the water flow from the tank to the toilet. Most of these flappers also include floats which tell a toilet to refill the water found inside the tanks or to stop.

Because Eljer manufactures different kinds and models of units, it is important to get the corresponding Eljer Toilet Flapper that fits the unit. The flapper is usually replaced if defective or if it gets worn-out.

5. Korky Toilet Flapper

Korky is said to be the leading brands when it comes to providing toilet equipment. Their line of products include the Korky toilet flapper, fill valves, flush valves, and toilet plungers among others. They also offer products which are made out of a chlorine-resistant material known as Chlorazone rubber. Chlorine is known for being the reason why flappers deteriorate or become rundown over time. Flappers are the stoppers which manage the water supply found inside a toilet tank.

When it comes to the Korky toilet flapper, there is a variety of these flappers that are available for customers to buy and use. One of their bestselling products is the Korky Universal Flapper which fits most toilets. This flapper is made out of rubber and can be used with toilets that have either brass or plastic flush valves.

Another Korky toilet flapper type that is available is the Korky Plus Premium Universal Flapper. This flapper is made out of Chlorazone rubber and can be used in both brass and plastic flush valves. The flappers that are made out of Chlorazone are usually red to distinguish these flappers from the usual flappers that are made out of ordinary rubber or plastic.

These toilet flappers may also come with chains or hooks or without. There are also some flappers available which are adjustable. It usually depends on the customer what type and kind of flapper that they want for their toilet although almost all of these products can fit various toilet units. Whether the flapper you want is made out of plastic, rubber, or Chlorazone or whether the flappers should have chains and hooks or can do without these chains is your choice. Whatever your preference is, Korky’s line of products is said to be effective and durable with the proper maintenance and care.

How to Detect if the Old Flapper Doesn’t Seal

Do you know that it is the major culprit in the most toilet in all household and establishments that are using a toilet tank flapper? It’s easy to detect if the problem is the flapper just put a dye or a food coloring in that toilet tank. After a few minutes if the flapper is the problem you can see that the color that you put in the tank will end up in the bowl thus giving you a conclusion that the dye that you put in the tank pass thru the flapper and out it goes to the toilet bowl.

If you think that it’s the end of your old toilet tank, worry no more. Because that old toilet flapper can be easily removed and replaced. It will save you a hundred’s of dollars.


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