Sun tanning beds have had a lot of bad press, but mainly this is down to misuse and not practising sun bed safety. Used correctly they can help prevent burning by allowing your skin to become gradually tanned before any prolonged exposure to the sun

For example, if you are planning a vacation and want to spend time on the beach (who doesn’t!), you could have a few sunbed sessions before you go. This way you can enjoy longer on the beach at the beginning of your vacation

The newer types of sun tanning beds, known as ‘high pressure’ tanning beds use specialised equipment and are much more expensive. Therefore only a few of the more classy salons have them. The regular beds do a good job, but generally, you will need more sessions to get the desired results

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 5 Tanning Beds

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If you want to keep your tan all year round, then you will need to top up once a week. Of course, if it’s more convenient than you can purchase a home sun tanning bed as there are many good ones on the market

However, make sure that you do not overuse your bed. Salons now will monitor the number of sessions you have and limit them if you have had more than the allowed amount. At home, there is nobody to tell you when you can and can’t use your sun tanning bed. So stick with the guidelines that come with your home tanning bed and always use good quality skin protection.

Indoor Tanning vs. Outdoor Tanning

Basically, there are two ways for you to get a tan – either indoor or outdoor. Each method of tanning has its own advantages and disadvantages. The major differences between these two methods have long been discussed and debated by the cosmetic and health industries. In the end, it will be up to you to do the research and find out what method is more beneficial to you.

A major factor to consider when you’re deciding if you want to tan indoors, or outdoors is the ability for you to control the amount of UV light you want on your skin. Since outdoor tanning relies on the sun for its UV Rays, there is a risk that you may be overexposed to the sunshine. Unless you can control the weather, indoor tanning beds are the way to go because you can monitor the amount of UV exposure your body gets.

Next, you should consider your busy lifestyle. For most people, there isn’t enough time in the day to head out to the beach and get the tan you want. Plus, during those winter months, how are you going to keep and get that fabulous golden tan? Indoor Tanning Beds are the best way for you to get your regular doses of ultraviolet rays and get the tan you’ve always wanted!

Best Tanning Bed: Our Top Pick

1.Sunfire 16 Deluxe Tanning Bed

Indoor tanning is very popular worldwide especially to those who prefer comfort, control and ease of using tanning beds. The use of tanning beds eliminates the adverse effects of the sun’s harmful rays.  Furthermore, indoor tanning provides tanning for a very short period. In general, tanning beds work from eight to twenty minutes and by tanning both sides of the body at the same time, you can cut down the time needed to achieve the desired result.

Among the most popular and reliable home tanning beds in the industry, the Sunfire 16, for home use is said to have been designed and engineered for commercial consumption, so consumers are assured that they are purchasing a unit that is superior in quality. Constructed with a decorative base, body cooling fan, it offers excellent exposure for attractive, all-around tanning. The Sunfire 16 Deluxe has a total of 16 High-Efficiency LampsEquipped with Wolff Bronzing bulbs and a user friendly timer. It plugs conveniently into any 120 V electrical outlet and includes a audio system mp3 input.

The Sunfire 16 is made especially for the people who want a versatile and very comfortable tanning bed. Let’s imagine for a moment that you can’t benefit from the sun rays every week. Maybe you don’t have the time to expose to sunlight or in your region the Sun is seen rarely. You must know that the human body needs a constant amount of Ultraviolet rays every day which is essential for the proper functioning of cellular processes. For example, the vitamin D and also other minerals are absorbed by the organism in the presence of these UV rays. If they are missing, in time you’ll have a sensation of tiredness.

The solution comes in the weekly usage of a tanning bed. If it is used properly, this can give you a good health and a good mood every day of the year. It doesn’t matter if you live in a northern region and the Sun has never a powerful shine. You can make your tanning session with the aid of a Sunfire 16 tanning bed. The session type it depends on your skin time. For a sensitive skin type, you must not exceed 10 or 15 minutes. If you respect this, you’ll not have skin problems. For a more brown skin, you can extend the period for 20 minutes but not more than that.

One in another, I recommend this type of bed for every person who wants a good health, a nice body and a healthy vitality throughout the year. The Sunfire 16 Deluxe Tanning Bed makes the difference.

2.Sunvision Pro 24S tanning bed

SunVision has been known to produce a huge line of beds both for commercial and home use. The high demand for SunVision beds can be attributed to its durability and the quality of service their units provide. SunVision tanning beds are high-tech beds that are equipped with digital timers, original Wolff tanning lamps, and face tanners powered by SolarMax IFT.

Only the SunVision brand makes use of their very own Duramax material which makes their beds durable. The mainframe which is made of aluminum and steel is resistant to rust. Maintenance is also not a hassle.

One of the most popular models is the Sunvision Pro 24S because it uses a BioTech tunnel and the all-around tanning. This gives a plus in comfort and relaxation because you must not change the position. This is also because of the 24 Wolff tanning lamps which are arranged in a way to give constant Ultraviolet radiation in every part of the body. This can be used equally in a salon or at homes. In addition to the 24 body lamps which comes with it has an option to add a facial lamp with a power of 400W of power.

The exterior side of the Sunvision Pro 24S tanning bed is made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum and a steel mainframe, Duramax 2000. This model has the Quick Clip acrylic removal system which assures you the benefits of an easy maintenance for many years. As a space needed, you can put it in a small room because it doesn’t take more than 7 foots in length and 6 foots in width. Practically in any home, you can conveniently arrange it without concerns. During the tanning session is recommended that the other persons keep a distance of a few meters from the tanning bed.

The maximum exposure for this type of tanning bed must not be greater than 20 minutes. In the first week the tanning session must be less than 10 minutes and after 3 more weeks, you can arrive at 20. I will recommend to strictly respect these times because otherwise in time the skin can age.

For dedicated salons, the Sunvision Pro 24S has an advanced remote control system within. This means you have a control circuit which permits you to control it and turn it on and off from a distance. This is due to the T-Max remote system and gives the possibility to connect many devices to a remote console and manage all the tanning beds if there are many. This also increases the safety.

3.Sunquest Wolff 14SE Tanning Bed

Our Sun also means our health. There is a beautiful quote which is saying: “Where the Sun is not entering through the window, the doctor enters through the door.” Why that? Because the Sun is so effective in destroying bacteria and viruses due to the Ultraviolet component from its Rays. With the progress of the technology, we can benefit from the power of an artificial Sun directly in our homes. The tanning beds are using exactly this concept, and whether they are used for cosmetic and beauty purposes or just for a small therapy, they are doing well the job.

Having a tanning bed to your home is not anymore a luxury. The improvement of the technologies and processes for this kind of product make them accessible for everyone with a small budget of $1500. And now that this technology is now mature the performances and the efficiency are still higher.

I want to present you one the slightest model from the Sunquest series of tanning beds: the Sunquest Wolff 14SE. This particular model has 14 Wolff lamps with a power of 100 W. This means that the Ultraviolet radiation is smaller compared to the other models with 24 of even 32 lamps. But this doesn’t mean it is not efficient. It has been made especially for people which need more like a Sun therapy with a normal doze. It is a known fact that the ultraviolet rays fix the vitamin D in the human body. Vitamin D is responsible for many other for the health of the bones and lows the probability of cancer apparition. This is already a very good advantage.

The Sunquest Wolff Tanning Bed is not strong as the other models, but it has a sufficient needed power for anyone who uses it. If you want also to gain a brownish skin you can raise the time of the sessions to 20 minutes, but no more in a day. After a week or two depending upon the sensibility of your skin, you will have a nicely colored brownish skin.

The 14SE Wolff tanning bed from Sunquest is a must have for anyone who wants a better health. You will see in time after several usages that your vitality begin to increase, and you gain a good mood.

4.Sunquest Wolff Pro 16SE Tanning Bed

The Wolff tanning equipment and Wolff tanning supplies are produced solely for them thus quality is monitored and maintained. Their specifications are always met because their suppliers are exclusively theirs. Standards are also not compromised.

Since Wolff tanning beds have been introduced, many other manufacturers have also started making their own. Many of them license the Wolff name. Others use the Wolff tanning lamps. Naturally, they are required to add the logo, and they must call the bed Wolff Systems. Many manufacturers are okay with this because this helps because of name recall.

The Sunquest Wolff Pro 16SE is one of the lightest models from the Sunquest Series. This means it is suitable for everyone who wants to have a nice skin and body and the cost is more affordable than the other models. There are a few variations on this model regarding the color. There are Aquamarine, Citrine, Citrine Green, Pearl Purple and Gold colors to the Sunquest Wolff Pro 16SE and you can choose from these.

As I said the prices for the Wolff Pro16SE model from Sunquest are smaller and can slightly vary from $1650 to $1850, but eventually they can become lower on the occasion of some special offers. For me what I like most to this particular model is that it has 16 100w body lamps which are enough for everyone. This means a moderate tanning in a session of 15 minutes and everybody could enjoy this without special concerns.

They are also very efficient in the energy consumption. Compared to the models with 32 bulbs the energy consumption is almost half. This is a big advantage if you think that at home you don’t need prolonged usage. This is made special built and constructed for personal body care at home.

The dimensions are yet another advantage because with a 76 inches length, 35 inches width and 48 inches height it can fit in corner of a room and even in a more larger hall.
The mainframe is built from steel and extruded aluminum which confers a very good resistance. Inside has a protective canopy grid which allows for a more efficient UV exposure and penetration.

If I was not still very convincing about the Sunquest Wolff Pro 16SE model you can see below further specifications of this product which makes it most indicated for usage at home.

5.Lumagen 26C Tanning Bed

When you read the phrase “cutting–edge tanning technology”, it’s easy to imagine that what is being talked about is the Lumagen 26C Tanning Bed. Aside from being one of the top brands in the industry, they have also managed to integrate some new features that have not been used in other tanning beds before. The main goal of this brand is to effectively introduce more benefits to tanning other than the fact that it can change your skin tone from light to golden hue.

There’s no doubt about it. The Lumagen 26C Tanning Bed is big and bold. Famous tanners have used this brand before, and you can see just why this is a favorite among many stars. Its wide curved surface is not only suitable for a single person, but it can even take in a couple of tanning enthusiasts. This is a testament to the sheer stability of this equipment. With the Lumagen 26C, you don’t have to tan on your own because one of your buddies can tag along. Inside the tanning bed, you don’t have to worry about any accidents since the base alone is quite sturdy enough to support your weight.

Aside from the couple timer mode, you can enjoy a tanning session on your own. In about 20 minutes or so, you can expect to see a completely tanned skin from head to toe. Forget about those other tanners that can make the skin looked aged. The Lumagen 26C is designed to give out beautiful, young-looking skin as a result. You don’t have to think about ending up with wrinkles if you use this certain brand.

Men and women have made tanning a habit because they know that they can look healthy and well-presented all year round. Some tanning beds from this line are equipped with a feature called DermaSun. It basically tries to cover up your skin blemishes with help from its anti-bacterial lamps. As you use this equipment every month, expect to see some good results as regards your skin blemishes too since it is made to gradually correct any defects in areas like your face. That feature certainly makes this brand of tanning bed a great buy for people who are sadly cursed with imperfect skin.

Lease a tanning bed

There are many options when we need new equipment for our businesses or want something large for home. In the past, we had to save up the entire amount before we could purchase.  So instead of investing all your money, lease a tanning bed or beds. This will provide you with the equipment you need or want and set up a lease for a bed is quick and easy.

The advantage when you lease a tanning bed is that you only require a small amount of cash usually in the form of your first and last payment meaning that you don’t have to put all your working capital or savings into the equipment. This other money can be used for other business expenses or personal household expenses.

If you own a salon, when you lease a tanning bed, it becomes a tax deduction for you. All lease payments are 100% deductible. With the new tax changes, owning the equipment outright and charging depreciation is not as attractive as it used to be. Monthly payments will never vary, and the equipment may be under warranty during the lease period.

Read all about tanning bed safety

Like anything in life, if you don’t use something properly and with caution, it can be dangerous.  These same guidelines apply to tanning bed safety.  If you go to the salon and spend over 15 minutes in a booth your first time, the chances are you will end up with a sun burn.  Often the staff are familiar with the equipment so ask them about tanning bed safety and recommended usage times.

One of the most important tanning bed safety requirements is the use of protective eyewear.  Often the salon or spas will make eyewear protection available for customers.  If not, be sure to bring your own.  UV rays found in the lighting can cause damage to your eye’s retina is exposed over a period.  So in order to be safe, where the proper protection.

Tanning bed safety is something to keep in mind if you are going to use one.  Don’t stay in longer than the recommended time.  If you are still concerned with them, consider a safer alternative such as airbrush tanning or sunless tanning lotions.  In these instances, you are not exposed to any UV rays of any sort.  Anything in life is ok if used in moderation, so just be careful.


We all realize that there are many different products, equipment and systems that can give you the desired results.  With sunless tanning products it’s easy to control the shade and color of your fake tan by varying the amount of product used. Alternatively, you can purchase self tanning products with higher concentrations of DHA. Tanning beds also give you a range of base tans that you can work up to when taking that vacation to those hot resorts.