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bottelsen hammer head steel tip darts

Darts can have one of 2 types of tips: soft or steel. The soft tip darts are not as accurate. This is the reason why steel tip darts are more popular.  Darts are designed to be used in conjunction with dart boards, and even though this is a game, they can be dangerous and should be played with precautions.

Editor’s Picks: Top 5 Steel Tip Darts Brands

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Of course, these darts should be kept out of the hands of small children, and the suggested ages for safety must be carefully followed.

Top 5 Best Steel Tip Darts Brands Reviews

1. Black Widow Darts

Black Widow darts have been one of the most popular type of darts for the past 20 years. These darts have features that make them high in quality, as well as in performance. Their features include the following;

  • Coatings

The coatings on the Black Widow darts are durable, because their surface is finished by baking and painting. This is accomplished by creating a coating from extremely high temperatures that give off high heat. This heat fuses titanium carbide and titanium tantalum nitride combining them together to fuse these materials to the tungsten barrel. These coatings are available in gold and Black and create a stunning appearance.

  • Laser points

Black Widow darts have steel tip points. A coating of Black oxide is put on the tip. This will help keep those darts that are thrown with too little force, from falling, and also increase friction to the tips of the darts. These points also are now available in soft tips.

  • Styles

There are 2 types of models:

1) Grooved

2) Ringed

  • Spider leg shafts

An aluminum base is the structure that anchors 4 tensile wires that are very strong. They are processed by combining heat with rubber that is shrunk, this, in turn, forms a strong hold on this flight.

  • Cases

It is important to transport Black Widow darts in a case. This carrying case should be a protection from dampness and moisture. These dart cases are made of different materials, such as leather, vinyl, plastic, among others. However, leather is the most popular. Dart cases are available in different sizes, some holding a few darts, while others holding more. Recreational dart players carry smaller cases, than do professional players. Super deluxe cases are usually the preference for professional dart players, since they need a large number of darts for their many games that they are involved in.

2. Winmau Darts

Winmau darts are known to be among the best. Its newest dart, Blade 4, is 4th generation in the world of darts. Its technology makes it “one of a kind”. The thinner wires make for a smoother, faster, more efficient glide. It is a dynamic sector wire and is actually 50% thinner than other wires and is super strong and durable. Winmau’s Blade 4 has a new system pertaining to the wires that actually eliminates the bounce. This makes it possible for higher points and is the reason that this dart is so popular among professional players, as well as those serious recreational players. This high tensile steel dart makes for exceptional performance.

The Blade 3 dart, although completely surpassed by the Blade 4, is also an awesome item and still remains in a top notch position among the world’s finest darts. Winmau has various darts made of different materials; however it is left up to the preference of an individual as to which type of dart is selected.

The types of Winmau darts are, as follows:

  • 24 Carat Gold Plated

These darts are the “best of the best”. They are made in soft tip darts along with steel tips, and are available in 18 & 20 grams they are referred to as “the Midas Touch”! This genuine 24 carat gold plating makes for a beautiful and stunning appearance. This dart is the ultimate in craftsmanship and is constructed to be efficient and accurate when playing darts.

  • World Champion Series

World Champion darts, manufactured by Winmau, are also soft tips, as well as steel tips.  There are several different divisions within this model, and all are very popular.

  • Brass

Brass darts, by Winmau, are also steel tipped, but are available in soft tips. The weight of steel tip darts is commonly 20 to 50 grams, but 20 to 25 grams is the most preferred. Points on steel tip darts are either fixed or movable.  Movable darts do not bounce off the board like fixed darts.

  • Nickel Silver

Although it seems like all nickel silver darts should be hard tips, some are in fact, soft ones. Most professional players seem to prefer the steel tip darts.

  • Tungsten

The  Winmau tungsten darts are steel tips, as well as soft tips. Their versatility makes them a desired dart in the Winmau family.

3. Harrows Darts

Harrows darts and dartboards are quite the rage. From recreational to competitive dartboards and darts, Harrows has the dart supplies. Harrows darts are composed of 5 features, as follows:

1)      Point

The points on steel tip darts can be either movable or fixed. Movable darts do not bounce off the board as much as fixed darts do. This demonstrates why movable darts are safer than fixed ones.

2) Shaft

The shafts on steel darts can be plastic or aluminum. Sometimes a dart contains a combination of both plastic and aluminum. It is up to the individual as to the type of shaft that is desired. Plastic shafts break more easily, and need to be replaced quite frequently which is an added expense. However, after you buy the extra replacements, you may have more money tied up in them than if you would have initially bought the aluminum shafts. Aluminum shafts hold up, but cost more than plastic and can be repaired rather easily. Harrow darts have a diverse type of shafts for sale, such as: Aluminum, nylon, flexible polycarbonate, among others.

3) Weight

The weight of steel tip darts range from 20 up to 50 grams. The most popular weight, however, is in the vicinity of 20 to 25 grams.

4) Grip

A dart’s grip is also known as a knurl. There are several types of grips; however you must select the one that best suits your hand. Many individuals like a grooved type of grip, while other individuals prefer a smoother type of grip.

5) Flight

Harrow darts have shafts that range from poly prints to holograms. They are located on the dart’s end and look like fins of a fish.  They are either polyester or nylon and add stability to the darts by providing a drag as they fly to their destination, which hopefully is the dart board.

4. Hammerhead

These darts that are patented by Hammer Head and are known to not bounce. The reason for this is due to their retractable points. When they  hit the surface, they move forward and this causes them to slip off of the wire, permitting the dart to plow or ”hammer” into the targeted area and introducing  the darts that are known as Hammerheads. They are recognized for their smooth glide through the air going from the hand of the player to the surface of the dartboard.

Hammerhead darts have been popular for over 30 years, and have features that put them ahead of all other darts, such as:

  • Front loaded

Hammerhead darts are front loaded to make this dart glide through the air more smoothly. This is a much needed feature, especially for professional players.

  • Hand machine barreled

This hand machine barreled dart has a taper that is incessant permitting an unprecedented flight.

  • No bounce feature

This no bounce feature is convenient for the dart thrower, while also a necessity for the professional player. The lack of bounce is due to the steel tip of the dart, as well as the great way that Hammerhead makes its darts.

  • Retractable dart tip

This is what makes the dart not bounce. That makes a dart tip backwards into its body. This creates a smooth landing upon impact on the bristle board.

  • Thrust cut/excellent grip feature

This “easy to grip” feature makes for more accuracy when thrusting your dart. For those serious dart players, this makes a big difference, and this “grip feature” can makes one more easily become a “winner”, rather than a “loser”.

  • Screw in GT shaft

This is a screw – in feature, which has improved the Hammerhead over the years.

5. Halex Darts

Darts originated with the longbow archers in England many years ago.  Individual used log ends or bottoms of wine bottles, as well as beer barrels as targets. Since that time, the art of playing darts has evolved in a diverse amount of ways with different rules and various methods of which to play. There are many companies that are skilled at manufacturing darts; however one of the best is the Halex Company.

Halex makes darts, dartboards, dart cases, and the added accessories that are used during recreational and professional matches. These darts are popular and inexpensive. Their quality is not sufficed by their prices.

There are various types of darts within the Halex Corporation, as follows:

  • 2000 Soft tips

Inexpensive, yet efficient, as well as durable, these darts are great for those persons who play for recreational purposes.

  • Fusion 2.0 steel tip  and Fusion 1.0 soft tips

These soft tip darts are not quite as accurate as the harder tip darts, however many individuals prefer them for safety reasons, especially where young kids are involved.

  • Cambridge MX-9400 Steel Tips and Cambridge  CX- 3000 Steel Tips

These steel tip darts are durable and are known for their accuracy pertaining to their flight from one’s grip, to the dart board surface. They are great for the recreational player along with the professional one.

5 things to Remember when Purchasing Steel Tip Darts, as follows:

  1. Weight

The weight of steel tip darts range from 20 to 50 grams, however 20 to 25 grams are the most commonly used.

  1. Point

The points on steel tip darts can be either movable or fixed. Movable darts do not bounce off the board as fixed darts do. This demonstrates why movable darts are safer than fixed ones.

3. Flight

Flights are located on the end of the dart and resemble the fins of fish.  They are usually polyester or nylon and give darts the stability by providing a drag as they fly through the air.

4. Shaft

The shafts on steel darts are either plastic or aluminum. Sometimes a combination of plastic and aluminum is used. It is totally up to the individual as to the type of shaft that they desire. Plastic shafts have a tendency to break more easily, and need to be continually replaced, but are very inexpensive. Aluminum shafts hold up, but cost more than plastic and can be repaired rather easily.

5. Grip

The grip of a dart is also called a knurl. There are many different types of grips; however you should choose the one that best suits your hand size. Many individuals like a grooved type of grip; however it really depends on one’s hand size.


On the whole, darts are rather inexpensive and can be found online at sites that carry gaming supplies or at sport related stores. They are available in sets or can be purchased individually. There are many sales and promotions that are offered, especially around the holidays. Some marketing and promotional campaigns include dart boards with steel tip darts, while others include just the darts and other accessories. Usually directional pamphlets are included with each order, so that you can get ideas on the different ways to play games. There are also instructions pertaining to safety, which should be a priority when playing dart games. Usually a guarantee is included in the event that a dart is defective. From time to time, extra bonuses or perks are offered which can give you additional savings. These include “Buy 1, Get 1 free”, or “free shipping”, as well as added accessories.

Once your dart board has been delivered, you can find a wall in your house that will be convenient to place your dart board. Then you and your family and friends can have endless hours of enjoyment with this game!


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