Best Oil Filled Space Heater

Best Oil Filled Heater

Oh no! The furnace just died and it’s the middle of winter, and you don’t have the money to get it fixed, or to buy a new one right away.

Let’s face it, most appliances always stop working when we don’t have the money to replace them. It’s happened to me on several occasions and as luck would have it, our furnace died in March, 2013. Just when we thought it would be warm enough to not need it – Mother Nature had other plans.
We had an usually cold spring, and after wearing several extra layers of clothes and putting more blankets on the bed to keep warm got old, we decided to buy a few space heaters to keep our house warm and cozy. Now mind you, since it was March, most of the big box retailers like Home Depot and Lowes either didn’t have them in stock, or they had a very limited (expensive) selection available.
After spending a couple of freezing days researching what would be our best alternative, it was a unanimous decision to go with an oil-filled heater. Ironically it was the best decision we ever made.

While they won’t heat a space as quickly as their infrared and convection counterparts, once they get going, they are far more superior. Think back to when you used to visit grandma’s house and she had the old-style radiators in each room, it’s exactly the same concept – only these run on electricity and are portable.

So how does an oil-filled space heater work? It’s quite simple really. Once it’s turned on, the oil that is housed within the heater’s fins begins to heat up. As the oil heats up, it begins to radiate the heat into the air, drawing in the cooler air. This cycle continues until the room has reached the proper temperature. The heat is more evenly distributed than what fan-driven space heaters can do, and since there are no moving parts, they heat with very little noise – making them ideal for use in any room.

Four things you should consider before buying an oil-filled space heater:

1.Cheaper isn’t always better. While you may be tempted to think that a $39.95 unit will work just as well as an $89.95 heater – they don’t. There’s a reason why the more expensive units are well… more expensive. Higher-priced heaters generally have more fins and they’re thicker. This means they will generally produce more heat than their cheaper counterparts because there’s more oil that heats up.

2.Don’t expect instant gratification. One of the biggest complaints from the un-initiated, is that their new heater doesn’t warm the room immediately. Oil-filled space heaters are designed to heat a room more evenly, thus they will take longer than other types of space heaters –  however the tradeoff in time is much more even heat cycling. For the best results, put the heater on the highest setting until the room is warm, then lower the thermostat to the desired temperature you want to maintain in the room.

3.How many heaters will you need? Most oil-filled heaters will heat a space ranging from 150-400 square feet, so it really all depends upon how many rooms you want to keep warm. By closing the doors to rooms you don’t use, you’ll cut down on the space needed to be heated, which should help to lessen the amount of heaters required to keep you comfy.

4.Make sure your house is well sealed. No matter how many heaters you have, they  will not do a good job if your house is under-insulated. So make sure your home has the proper insulation. Put plastic over the windows, insulate the walls and attic, and make sure you seal off all drafts. Failing to do so will just cause you to waste money since the heater will likely never turn off.

While we have since had our furnace replaced. When we did use these heaters, we had 2 Couri and 2 SMAL heaters, and they kept approximately 1200 square feet of space an average temperature of 72 degrees. A complete list of oil-filled space heaters available for purchase can be found here.

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Pros: Heats larger spaces, makes little to no noise, considered to be the safest type of space heater.

Cons: Takes longer to initially heat a room.

(Disclaimer: As with any electric space heater, oil-filled space heaters should be used with caution. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The author makes no guarantees of any kind, whether expressed or implied.)

Some Top Rated Oil Filed Heaters Reviews

Oil filled heaters are fantastic for warming up those cold bedrooms of offices in a hurry. Oil filled heaters are very compact, but still put out enough heat to warm up any space quickly and efficiently. They are also very lightweight which means that they can be moved anywhere you need some extra heat.

You would think that such a powerful heater would require tons of energy to operate, but it really doesn’t. An oil filled heater usually takes about 40 watts of power and can be plugged into any general electrical outlet. They are very safe and quiet – this makes them the optimum choice for heating small areas.

What I especially like about this heater is that it has a 24-hour programmable timer. This means that you can control when and how long this heater runs which can save immense amounts of energy. Suppose that you want your office to be heated by the time you arrive in the mornings. You have two choices with a normal heater – let it run through the night, or turn it on once you get there. Neither of these options are very good.

Using the Delonghi oil-filled heater with the programmable timer gives you the best option – set the timer to turn on the heater 20 minutes before you arrive, and whola – you have a warm office when you get to work.

Another great option when it comes to heaters is the Honeywell HZ-709 oil filled heater. This is one of the most durable heaters available because it is made of heavy-gauge steel with a rust-free enamel coating. Also, the oil in the heater never needs to be replaced or refined. You can set the temperature and the heater will maintain it, or you can just let it run continuously at 1 of the 3 heat settings.

The digital interface and the backlit controls really set this product apart from others. You can tell just by looking at it that Honeywell spent a great deal of time and money in creating this quality product. Honeywell has a 5-year limited warranty on the HZ-709.

So if you are tired of being cold, be sure to try one of these oil-filled heaters. I don’t think you will find better heaters anywhere else. If you have any doubt, take a look at the customer reviews on each of these. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the reviews and the amazing price!


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