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You initially picked your Ford F150 because you knew it would be perfect for moving your equipment from point A to point B.

Purchasing seat covers would be a very good idea. For quite a few reasons, Ford F150 seat covers could make your life a lot easier, and keep your truck a lot nicer-maybe as nice as the day you purchased it actually. Getting seat covers would keep the seat clean, your material won’t get ripped as easily, and after seeing your seat covers- passengers will assume that it’s more than just a work truck.

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 5 F150 Seat Covers

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5 Best F150 Seat Covers Reviews

1. BDK PolyCloth Black/Charcoal Gray Car Seat Cover

The BDK PolyCloth Black/Charcoal Gray Car Seat Cover is the universal option to protect the seats of your vehicle fast and convenient when you want to protect the seats to enjoy the luxury of your vehicle interior every other time. Made with Machine Washable Polyester Cloth they are applied to the truck in seconds. Stay in your place! Allows safe use of all seat belts. Safe in heated or heated seats – Breathable fabrics. Provides sweat-proof, Durable, Easy-Fit Material coverage of the entire seat surface.

 Choose BDK for effortless protection of the seat surface only. Independent pocket for convenient storage and quick access.

2. Auto Console Covers FORD F-150 2002 – 2017

Elegant Soft & Washable Fleece Fabric . It is made in U.S.A. . Your customer will enjoy much in travel with this case.

It is designed to protect your car from dirt and daily wear.  The fabric is highly durable washable.

3. FH GROUP FH-FB083115 Neoprene Waterproof Car Seat Covers

Model made with high quality Breathable High Quality Fabric, totally waterproof. It comes with 2 Bucket Covers and 2 Separate Headrest Cover.

Its unique design will help change the look of your truck’s interior while protect your truck seats against dirt and daily wear.

4.OxGord H Stripe Universal Fit Airbag Compatible 17pc Seat Covers (Red Black)

Very useful, discreet red black and good-sized cover to cover all spaces of the rear seat.

It is lightweight, made of Soft & Washable Fleece Fabric material to avoid dirt and soak the carpet of the vehicle.

It will not take long to assemble or disassemble the case, with only few seconds can be installed and saved.

5. Regal Custom Thick Seat Covers

This lining is totally useful, especially when your car is 1992-2010 Ford F-Series Pickup Truck , thanks to its large size, it protects the vehicle very well of dust and dirt.

With this 12mm Thick Seat Covers you will not get so complicated with cleaning. Cover is adjustable to the Front Bench Seat.  It is of good thickness, so your passengers will not be affected so much by the cold.

What to Consider?

Considering the material quality for the f150 seat covers is one factor to keep in mind when purchasing. In order to get quality covers, and to keep the actual truck’s upholstery and seating in perfect condition, a durable, quality, and great looking material has to be chosen. Whether you go with leather, microfiber, or another cloth option, taking the time to find the company which makes the most durable seat covers, with the finest material options, is something a driver has to keep in mind when choosing the seat covers. The sizing also has to be something to consider.

When choosing the manufacturer of the tonneau bed covers, F150 drivers have to make sure the custom covers are going to fit the entire seating space in the truck. So, taking the time to find the custom f150 seat covers which are large enough to cover the seating space in your truck, and to cover the entire area where passengers are going to be sitting while in the truck, is also a factor to keep in mind as you are deciding on what to purchase, and where to buy the custom covers from.

If you can not find what you want, you can do well to make your own if you have the basic sewing skills. You can also add your own designs and graphics for the final product to be customized.

How to Choose Seat Covers for F150 Truck

  1. Before measuring your place to get measurements. The best way I have found to make car seat covers is to use an old cover and cut it to use as a template. Even if I can not cut the other coverage I can pull around to get a good idea of the way.
  2. Buy materials and other things that you need. Choose a material that can withstand a lot of wear and can be washed easily. Get strong thread and elastic side.
  3. Elastic material is easier to use when mounting a great place, especially in the background. Need some “extra material on the ends of the pieces to sew the panels together and add elastic.
  4. Frames and fabric cut to fit the seat covers. Mark the fabric according to the dimensions measured. For non-elastic material it may be necessary that you need a little ‘more space. When working with elastic material requires less material. The use of a heavy wire pieces sew together.
  5. Sew elastic on the edges of the case so you can easily go over the seats.

Color, design or the message is another factor drivers should consider. When you choose to go with a custom design, it is for a reason.
Whether you want to showcase your favorite color, imprint the Ford name (or any other words or messages), or whether you just want to have the f150 seat covers that are different than that from all other Ford trucks, custom design is something the driver has to consider.

Other Things to Consider-

  • Durability: look for a material that is durable and that will resist scratches and tears. If you can find one with rubber backing, much better, because it helps keep the sleeve stable when the pet is moving.
  • Easy to clean: look for a liner that is waterproof and resistant to stains. A machine-washable car seat is a must when it comes to our pets. Look for those with pipe edges that will prevent dirt and water from falling from the cover onto the carpet of the vehicle.
  • Size and fit: make sure the cover does not slide. The accessories on the front and back help it fit securely in your car. Find a cover that is easy to install and remove when you are not traveling with the dog, and you may need storage space in the vehicle.

As a driver, you are obviously going to want to find the most affordable options, and the best quality options, when you choose to go with something that is custom.

Each of these factors has to be considered when deciding where to order the custom seats from. As a driver, you can get the quality, the distinguished look, and the style of seating you want, as long as you make sure you find the top retailers to go with for the seat covers you plan on purchasing. The more comparison that is done, and the more options drivers have to choose from when ordering the f150 seat covers, the more likely it is they will save, and find the ideal design style for their F150 truck, and the internal seating.


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