Driveway alarm systems are the systems for alerting the owner of the house to the incoming visitors or even intruders. Driveway alarm systems can be a perfect addition to the security system which has already been used before. These systems are ideal to be used not only for cars but also for the house.

Driveway alarm systems can detect the incoming visitor while they are on the driveway before reaching the house. The systems are using a sensor-based machine which enables the systems to detect any motion which is caught by the sensor path. When a motion is detected, it will automatically activate the signal and set off the alarms. This process tells the house owner about the incoming trespasser or guest.

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Types of Driveway Alarms

Driveway alarm systems are available in a lot of options. Commonly, there are two types available, wired driveway alarm system and also wireless driveway alarm system. Meanwhile, the detection comes in three types including metal detection probes, rubber air hose, and passive infrared (PIR).

Wired alarm system

This type of driveway alarm systems makes you have a long wire running from the unit set outside your home with the one inside. However, compared to the wireless, it is more reliable. Meanwhile, this type of alarm system will be more convenient to be installed while you are building your house since you need to fish it into the building. Burying the wire under the existing house will make it look awkward.

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Wireless alarm system

Wireless driveway alarms are very helpful for you to know all the visitors that come to your house. Mostly, wireless driveway alarms can provide you some benefits including home, family, and office protection, break-in and theft prevention, and visitor recognition. However, they are able to provide you a complete security for your home or office.

On the other hand, wireless alarm system provides you some easiness in installation. This type of driveway alarm system is powered by one 9 volt battery which can last u to one year long. It is equipped with a short cable which is located between the transmitter and the sensor unit. Wireless alarm system with high quality is supplied with lifetime warranty so that you can be sure that it will work properly for your need.

Here’s our Reviews on the Top Rated Best Driveway Alarms Systems

1. Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm

The number one option of wireless driveway alarms you can consider to purchase is this Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm. This product belongs to most rate and recommended product you can find on the market today. Its wireless 1000 ft range capability is a perfect and reliable wireless technology which can transmit a long RF range.

This type of wireless driveway alarms from Guardline is able to be used in a lot of ways including as a Motion Sensor & Detector in your home or shop, as a DIY Security Alert System, a driveway alarm for detecting the incoming vehicles, an entry or walkway chime, and also as a warehouse delivery notification system.

In addition, this type of alarms is also perfect to be sued for commercial such as for monitoring shoplifting zones, unauthorized exits, dressing & fitting rooms, jewelry display boxes, and also drive-up windows. It is also equipped with two detection patterns which can be easily adjusted for a perfect aiming.

Some other features included are 30 different unique chime tones with different sensitivity levels up to 16 sensors. It also allows you to have incorporation with more transmitters and the receiver is able to identify which zone is breached by those certain tones. You can detect motion up to 40 ft away.

This type of wireless driveway alarms is equipped with weatherproof motion detection sensor with a softball size so that it can be mounted easily. Also, it equipment allows you to work with it manually by utilizing a hand-held push button device.

2. Mighty Mule FM131 Wireless Driveway Alarm

One of the wireless driveway alarms you can consider is this Mighty Mule FM131. It is a product of Mighty Mule. It is able to store track of the vehicles which are entering your driveway. The sensor of this equipment will detect the vehicles which pass it by then it will transmit it to the receiver. The receiver will then emit an audible tone. The sensor is able to detect large metal object and then send it to the indoor base station for telling everyone inside.

In addition, this type of wireless driveway alarms is easy to install. For installing the battery, you need to do it near the site so that it can make adaptation to the area. If you install the battery inside your home, the sensor can not work properly.

The features which are supplied to this option of wireless driveway alarms are functional range up to 400 feet (121.92 m), an electromagnetic sensor which can only sense large metal objects for avoiding the false signal from the animal or people. It is also equipped with low battery indicator both on the transmitter or indoor receiver. For installation, you will need 2C batteries but it is not included in the box.

3. Chamberlain CWA2000 Weatherproof Outdoor/Driveway Wireless Motion Alarm and Alert System

This is another option of wireless driveway alarm system you can pick for your need. This equipment is able to alert you when there is incoming vehicles in your driveway. It is equipped with one base receiver which works as transmission and reception of signals. When the vehicles are detected, the base unit identifies which sensor has been triggered . The receiver will chime every time a vehicle passes.

The features offered by this type of wireless driveway alarm are that it uses the AA batteries or included AC adapter for its power. It is wireless so that you can easily install it. Moreover, it is supplied with a weatherproof outdoor sensor with adjustable sensitivity control system which can detect the movement of close metal objects. Therefore, it can only detect vehicles.

Also, this wireless driveway alarm can provide you a great performance by placing the sensor in the distance of 1/2 miles away from the receiver. Since it uses battery, it is perfect for home, business, property and worksite.. The sensor is made to be waterproof which can be mounted along with its bracket.

4.1byone Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm

Another option of wireless driveway system you can take into account for the need of your security system. It comes along with some great features for providing you some convenience. It is designed to be a weatherproof wireless sensor transmitter which can be used in long or hidden driveways. It can be easily mounted anytime you need to know the cars or people which is arriving or leaving.

The receiver along with the Chime box of this type of wireless driveway monitor can be plugged in wherever in the range of 100m of the sensor. When the sensor sends an alert to it, state-of-the-art passive-infrared system detects any movement within the detection zone.

Some other features offered by this type of wireless driveway monitor include the volume control, 3 mode choices including Sound, LED Flash and Sound and LED Flash. This is a great all-around wireless alarm system with impressive features at a bargain price.

5. Optex TD-20U Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Infrared Transmitter

Buying the Optex driveway alarm is the inevitable need due to the fact that it can perform the great help in your daily life to provide the best driveway alarm at home. In this case, there is no better first step than knowing the details of the product. So, you will finally see that the choice you take is the suitable one. The following explanation will be your great guide to learn more about Optex driveway alarm.

The discussion about Optex driveway alarm will bring you to the awareness that choosing the other products will never be prohibited, as long as you have already known about your needs and make sure that you can finally find the best item after making some comparison between several products.

It is the highly recommended step to be done soon when you have already determined to buy such Optex driveway alarm. The recommended Optex driveway alarm you can see for the first time and consider very well is called Optex TD-20U. Several great features will be brought to your hand.

Some of the examples are such as the volume control, the 2000 foot range, the 50 ft. Long Range or 17 ft. Fan (Wide) detection pattern. What else?

How to Select the Best Driveway Alarm Systems

There are some ways you can consider to purchase the best alarm system for your need. Some of the factors you have to consider before purchasing driveway alarm include the detectors, the receivers, and the distance.


The distance is one of the most important factors you have to consider for your driveway alarm systems. What is meant by the distance here is the distance between the indoor receiver and the sensor. Also, you have to consider the existing objects which may be located between the two such as trees, building, or any other objects. It is because the manufacturer quotes the clear line of sight distance. Those objects are potential to cause the signal to be weak.


Different detectors may work for different object. You have to recognize whether you need to detect vehicles, animals, or people. Driveway alarm systems which are equipped with one side PIR beams are suitable for detecting people and cars. Meanwhile, alarms with narrow and pet-friendly beams refuse to detect small animals. There are some types of alarms which is set on the ground for detecting vehicles.


Receiver works by receiving the signal sent by the sensor. It responds in the form of a chime or a beep. This is usually varied in the range of 250-300-900m systems trigger indoor. You can set the siren time through the switch which is attached to the wires. 100 m alarm system is usually equipped with integrated 100 dB.