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First impressions are everything. When someone first enters the door of your place of business or your home, it’s the small details that make all the difference. Most realtors suggest that you first spruce up the area around your front door before considering placing your home on the market. The front door offers an important statement about your home or office.

The famous quote that says, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” can apply to your front door. Door chimes are a perfect way to greet guests when they arrive at your door. Their sound instantly creates a cheerful mood. They ding when you open a door and create a “positive energy” in the room. They are a pleasant, peaceful way to say, “Welcome.”

Choosing the Best Door Chimes

Wired or Wireless Door Bell Chimes?

What do you currently have installed? If you want to go with the same type, that decision is pretty easy and narrows down the field considerably. If you already have a wired connection, hooking up a new one might be pretty easy, but could still be a little daunting to some, especially if the existing unit is an older type that has the wiring poorly marked. If you don’t currently have a wired connection, selecting wired doorbell chimes would require running of new wiring from the chimes to the doorbell buttons outside.

If you don’t have existing wiring and/or dealing with the wiring is not something you want to bother with, wireless options may be the way to go. The drawback of the wireless doorbell chimes is that the wireless signal has a limited range. Various makes and models have different ranges. Make sure to get one that fits your needs. With wired door chimes you don’t need to change batteries, the signal is directly from the button to the chime, so there is no signal to get interrupted. The wired unit would have more power and be able to produce a stronger chime in units that have actual bells and moving strikers. Bottom line, wired provides better consistency, but wireless is much more convenient.

What decorative style are you looking for?

These days there are countless design options to go with any decor. Would you be content with a plain square plastic box type, or would something made of wood and copper be more appealing to you? There are also countless styles ranging from classical to contemporary, and anything in between. Part of this decision may be based on where you plan on putting the chime. If you are using the existing location, again, the decision becomes simpler, but with wireless options, you can put them just about anywhere. Take this into consideration when planning your new purchase.

What kind of sound are you looking for from you doorbell chime?

Yes, you can still get the doorbell chimes that just go “ding dong”. It’s simple and non-irritating sound (in most cases), but I’m guessing, since you are here, that you are looking for a little more. Well, there is more, and again there are decisions to be made. Are you looking for deep, rich bell sounds, perhaps something that plays a classical melody? There are plenty to choose from. Or maybe you would be more interested in a digital model that plays pre-programmed songs, or other sounds. Many of the newer models of this type store dozens of songs and sounds that you can switch to on a whim, including Christmas carols over the holidays. Some even let you record and save your own sounds. On the downside, while these electronic types do have various bell sounds, you don’t always get the smooth, mellow tones that you get from a real bell chime, though some of the higher CD quality ones do come pretty close.

Door chimes by Spirit Winds and a number of other manufacturers are handcrafted of bamboo. They feature unique designs and carvings and look beautiful hanging anywhere. These chimes in particular have a soothing sound that creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Feng Shui
If you are trying to create a positive environment, then Feng Shui suggests the presence of wind chimes. They are said to “ring in good fortune.” Door chimes are certainly a refreshing way to “ring in” visitors who walk through your door. Many also believe that they have healing effects.

An added bonus of a door chime is that you’ll always know if someone enters your home or business. For businesses, it is nice to know when customers come and go. A door chime is a pleasant, unobtrusive and very inexpensive security measure. For homes, door chimes come in handy for parents who need to know if their children go outside. This is especially nice for parents of independent toddlers.

Whether you have lots of regular visitors or you would simply like a door chime to greet you when you come home, they make a wonderful addition to the door of any home or office. They also make a fun, unique gift for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list! Door chimes are a beautiful way of breaking the silence and showing your guests that you’re happy they’ve come and hope they enjoy their stay.

Chime Hooks

You have spent some time, possibly even hours, finding the right wind chime. Now it’s time to hang it. A quick thought will make this appear to be a simple task. Screw in a hook and hang the chime. Just remember, things are not necessarily as easy as they first appear. There are many decisions that should go into which hook is right for the chime. There are just as many for hooks out there are there are wind chimes.

Where do you want your wind chime to hang? Answering this question will narrow down the choices for the right hook. Maybe you want to hang it from the awning or your roof. Maybe you will want to hang it from the deck. Perhaps you need a hook that will extend out from the house to allow the wind chime to catch as much of the wind as possible. Wind chime hooks are available to hang down, to hang out, and to stick up. Whatever your location needs, there is a wind chime hook that is right.

If the design of the door chime was important, shouldn’t the design of the hook be as well? You can add beauty to your wind chime with the selection of the hook. You can choose hooks ranging from the simple hook screw, to stained glass, to a picturesque metal design. The options for hooks are numerous and each design is unique. Choose one that will enhance the look and location of your wind chime.

2 Types of Door Chimes Recommendation

Woodstock Door Chimes

As the wind picks up, you can hear a familiar sound, “ting-ting-ding-a-ling, ding-ding-ting-a-ling.” The soft, soothing sound of a wind chime comes streaming through the house. These simple, but elegant items, are found the world over. Woodstock Chimes® have become a very popular style of wind chimes. Each Woodstock offers a unique melodic sound, made of high-quality materials.

Woodstock wind chimes are different that the rest. World-renowned instrument designer and professional musician, Garry Kvistad, designs them. With his love for music, he has put his sense of melody and harmony into each wind chime.

Woodstocks are designed and manufactured using an advanced tuning technology. Each chime is put through a process of tuning techniques to allow it to vibrate at a musical interval inline with its neighboring chimes. This allows the Woodstock Chime® to produce music with both melody and harmony.

These models are tuned to create music in many different cultural styles. This allows them to fit into the culture of many countries around the world. The chimes produce music in many different modes, including beautiful Gregorian, classical, Oriental and Middle Eastern music. No matter the strength of the wind, the culture of each chime will sound forth.

Each Woodstock is created and manufactured using the highest-quality materials. The production of these wind chimes are overseen by a craftsman who takes pride in creating the best wind chime the world over.

Wind chimes have been around since ancient times. But none have been designed and manufactured to the standards of a Woodstock. Don’t settle for the rest. Own the best. Woodstock Chimes® are the only wind chime you will ever need to own.

Feng Shui Door Chimes

Today, Feng Shui is widely embraced as a mode for creating a balanced, beneficial living and working environment.

Pronounced “fung-shway,” Feng Shui is a Chinese science that began anciently, some 3,000 years ago. It is a vast composition of principles concerning balance in environmental energies to enrich health and good fortune. Due to China’s agricultural society, soft winds (feng means “wind”) and clean water (shui means “water”) were always synonymous with a successful harvest and continuing vitality.

Yin and Yang
There are many complex ideas that the principle of Yin and Yang encompasses. Among these ideas are harmonious balance, change with consistency, and the idea that all things are interdependent. Yang symbolizes heat and light ascending—the sun rising in the east. Yin symbolizes descending cold and darkness—the sun setting in the west. Yang peaks at the top, like the sun at midday; Yin is at its greatest at the bottom, as in the middle of night. Within Yang, there is an element of Yin, anticipating descent; within Yin, there is an element of Yang awaiting ascension. This cycle applies to many types of change, including the seasons.

Feng Shui adopts the Taoist principle that an environment is filled with energy and can either promote good fortune for its inhabitants (good feng shui) or cause life to be filled with trials and misfortune (bad feng shui). In Feng Shui this energy is known as Chi.This all depends on how the five elemental energies—wood, fire, earth, metal, and water—interact. The elemental energies might be harmoniously balanced, or they can strengthen or weaken each other in ways that benefit or harm the environment’s inhabitants.

Feng Shui wind chimes
Wind chimes work with principles of fen shui to bring balance to an environment, and assure that the elemental energies are combined in a beneficial way to encourage health and good fortune.

As with most ancient studies, many aspects of Feng Shui are complex and abstract, requiring years of ponder and practice. However, some principles of feng shui are easier to learn and apply, such as enjoying the benefits of Feng Shui wind chimes.

Feng Shui wind chimes help us to recognize Chi flow, by the sound the wind chime makes. The gentle sound of wind chimes can greatly help to create a positive energy flow and facilitate good Chi. Feng Shui wind chimes can also correct bad Chi flow by masking or covering negative, harsh or dulling sounds in the environment, such as the sound of traffic. Feng Shui Wind chimes can correct these situations and bring balance to a home and to your life.

Final Verdict

You wouldn’t spend days trying to find the right house to simply throw up a cheap looking fence. So why would you do that with your wind chime? Purchase and install a hook that will enhance the beauty of your wind chime and allow it to bring forth its sound.


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