A person with diabetes should always be very careful about foot care. Statistics show that nearly 15 percent of diabetics have a significant chance of developing foot ulcers if not careful. A foot ulcer, if not promptly treated, can lead to amputation of the foot in a diabetic. Foot care should always be a major priority, as preventing problems with the feet is easier than curing a problem.

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Providing good support for the feet is important for a diabetic. There are ways that can help prevent foot problems, and it starts with keeping the feet clean and dry and wearing the proper socks and shoes.

Types of Diabetic Socks

Some men prefer a sock that comes up close to the knee, and some prefer shorter socks. Diabetic socks for men come in all styles and sizes. Some socks are considered compression socks or hose, and they apply a graduated compression from the ankle up the leg. This gradual progression of the compression improves circulation in the legs and helps prevent swelling. They also are a relief for tired and achy legs.

If the diabetic is prone to getting ulcers, the diabetic sock will benefit them greatly. Diabetics whose feet tend to sweat will appreciate the dense cushioning of the socks. Most people will not experience any side effects from wearing the diabetic sock, but if any blistering or ulcers develop, consult the physician. Diabetics with open sores on their feet should wait until they heal before wearing the diabetic socks.

5 Diabetic Socks Reviews

 Falari – Physicians-Approved Diabetic Socks

A therapeutic piece of footwear designed for people with diabetes should be extra comfortable and supportive for the wearer. Since feet, in particular, are a sensitive area for a person with this disease, ensuring proper circulation and warmth throughout the day is crucial to prevent the development of sores and other wounds.

The Falari diabetic socks represent a simple and durable piece of footwear that supports the wearer by improving the blood flow to their feet, as well as providing the necessary warmth no matter the season. These are made out of 90% cotton, 7% polyester, and 3% Elastane – a combination that allows your feet to breathe and still retain warmth at the same time. On top of this, the folks at Falari made sure that their socks are elastic and loose-fitting, so you won’t feel tight or restrained while wearing them. Overall, wearing these socks is highly recommended for people with any sort of circulatory issues, particularly people with diabetes or a related condition. Plus, they come in three different sizes and feature models for men and women.

Prominent Features:

  • Approved by physicians
  • Recommended for users with diabetes, edema, and circulatory problems
  • Machine-washable
  • Seamless top (on the inside)
  • Breathable and loose-fitting

CSM DIABETIC SOCKS – Creswell Diabetic Socks

Made in the USA according to the highest medical standards, the Creswell Diabetic Socks represent a breed of product that is not only comfortable to wear but which will also support your feet and provide warmth to the wearer. These come in three different colors: white, navy grey, and black. A great thing about these socks is that they’ve been made to be quite elastic, enabling the wearer to put them on easily even if they have swollen feet.

What’s more, these go over your ankles and then continue a bit more up your shin. If you want, you can tuck the ends of your underpants or pajamas into them for additional warmth and insulation. When materials are in question, these socks are made out of 80% cotton, 15% polyester, and 5% Lycra. This combination of materials makes them warm and elastic at the same time. As for the sizes available, you can choose from 4 different fits – Medium, Large, X-Large, as well as X-Large 13-15.

Prominent Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Stretchable and easy to put on
  • Loose-fitting to ensure there is no tightness or constriction
  • Recommended for people with circulation problems, diabetes, or neuropathy
  • Machine-washable (always separate light from dark-colored socks)

Sugar Free Sox – Diabetic Cushioned Socks

If you’re on a lookout for a pair of socks with both therapeutic and sporty properties, getting some of the Sugar Free Sox’s products can be a great solution for you. Made out of 86% Polyester, 12% Nylon and 2% Spandex, these socks offer unparalleled elasticity and support. They come with a ribbed cuff for more support above your ankles, as well as a flatly-knit interior which ensures you’ll have good blood circulation and that no sores can develop as a result of a bulging awkwardly-positioned inward seam.

Thanks to the materials used and the seamless technology the Sugar Free Sox folks incorporated, these socks are non-binding and will adapt gently to the contours of your feet. The fabrics in use make them stretchable, so you won’t have any trouble putting them on even if you have swollen feet. Also, the designers at Sugar Free Sox made sure their socks are anti-microbial, so you don’t need to worry about fungi forming around your feet after a jog or some other physical activity. Speaking of the devil, these socks are not meant only for the diabetics but can be used by physically active people and sportsmen and women alike.

Prominent Features:

  • Available in black and white
  • Two sizes: ankle and crew
  • Perfect for physical activity and everyday life
  • Recommended for people with diabetes and circulatory problems
  • Seamless toe
  • Reduced bacterial growth

Silky Toes – Women’s Diabetic Cotton Dress Socks

With a design that ensures you get both the top-tier comfort and the looks, the Silky Toes women’s diabetic dress socks are a must-have for a lady with some circulatory problems, or perhaps just one who likes comfortable socks regardless of her medical condition! (Or lack thereof.) Featuring the now already well-known non-binding top (meaning no inward seams, no funny business), these socks will adapt neatly to the contours of your feet and won’t restrict your blood flow or otherwise make you uncomfortable.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features of these socks is that they’re resistant to moisture, so you don’t have to worry about sweat, stepping into a paddle, or otherwise dampening your feet without your consent. In the department of comfort, there’s also a protective footbed which is there to ensure you’ll feel comfortable no matter what sort of shoe you’re wearing. (Well, unless your piece of footwear of choice is the wrong size. In that case, no sock in this world is going to save you from the blisters.)

Prominent Features:

  • Made out of fibers that keep the moisture away
  • Non-restricting, seamless design
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • Seamless construction

Wigwam – Diabetic Thermal Socks

Coming from a company rocking the name representing the well-known Native American abode, these therapeutic socks are a thick ‘n’ supportive piece of footwear that will provide warmth, comfort, and look good, no less, on the person who wears them! These socks are made to be worn during the winter, so that’s why they’re extra thick. Mind you, you’d have to take their size and thickness into consideration if you intend to wear them with your shoes. (If your shoes aren’t spacious enough to house your feet with these on, you might feel uncomfortable while wearing them, so do take heed!)

To ensure their customers will have some options to choose from, the folks at Wigwam made sure to make their socks in two different colors – grey with black trim and grey with denim blue trim. There’s plenty going on in the department of materials. To be precise, these socks are made out of world-renown Merino wool, a special kind of wool that is softer than other sorts of this material and so offer an even more comfortable fit than a sock with only an ordinary sort of wool could offer.

Prominent Features:

  • Made out of Merino wool
  • They come in two different color patterns
  • Available in 7 sizes
  • These improve blood circulation, help with edema, and alleviate the symptoms of diabetes

Shopping For Best Diabetic Socks

When it comes to shopping for diabetic socks for men online, there are certainly no shortages of online retailers. Whether you find a diabetic supply shop for a clothing store with a medical supply section, you should have no problem what so ever finding these medical leggings online.

There is one online retailer in particular that we are going to discuss to day that may be a great help to many of you, especially those of you who are shopping for diabetic socks for the first time. You have all probably already heard of Amazon.com and many of you may have already shopped at this world renowned online retailer. If you are so inclined, you can do all most all of your diabetic socks shopping and priced comparing at this one site. This is all due to the fact that Amazon allows third party companies to sell directly one their site. This makes for an amazing price war, keeping said prices low and affordable. You will also be able to browse through several brands and styles.

Aside from the actual shopping, Amazon can be quite useful because of their reviews. It is important to know that these are not paid reviews, or reviews written by someone who is trying to sell you something. These reviews are written by actual customers who have used the product. This is a great way for you to be able to decide on the right pair of diabetic socks for you.

Whether or not you actually decide to shop at Amazon.com, this online retailer may give you some important insight as to which type or style of diabetic socks is perfect for your tastes and needs. Once you know what it is that you are looking to buy, you can compare prices at various online retailers that carry these products.

Diabetes And Your Feet

While it is certainly true that most of those who are suffering with diabetes have some very serious health issues to think about, most of which are much more dangerous than those that involve the feet, it is still a very large concern to many. So, how exactly does diabetes effect your feet and toes? The reason why so many diabetics develop foot related health problems is due to the fact that they often develop circulatory related health issues. When one does not have a strong circulatory system, the limbs often suffer. Without healthy blood flow to the feet, one will often develop nerve damage and trouble healing properly. These two issues can often lead to an infection. This is something that occurs in many diabetics.

The Dangers Of Diabetic Related Foot Problems

If one’s poor circulation effects the feet for a long enough period of time, nerve damage is inevitable. While this may not seem to be very dangerous, without feeling in our feet, we are unable to feel and therefore we will not feel any damage that occurs. A simple cut can easily turn into an infection if it remains untreated. Poor circulation will also make it much more difficult for your body to heal. This often leads to very serious health problems and is also the reason why so many diabetics end up having to have limbs amputated. This is also why diabetic socks have become so popular among so many of those who are suffering with the disease.

How Can Diabetic Socks Help?

Although it can not be denied that many diabetics do deal with serious foot related health problems, you may be wondering how diabetic socks can help. The truth is that there is very good reason why so many medical professional have begun recommending these socks to all of their patients who have diabetes. There are many benefits that can be gained from the prolonged use of diabetic socks. So what separates these socks from a typical pair

The Benefits Of Diabetic Socks

  • Diabetic socks for men are made to be able to absorb more moisture. When we sweat, one of two things can happen. We can irritated an already formed sore, making it more likely to become infected. Moisture can also cause friction and irritation which can cause abrasions.
  • Diabetic socks are also made with ulta-soft fabric which will also help you to avoid friction which will have very similar results to the moisture absorption.
  • These medical leggings can also promote a healthier circulatory system by actings like compression socks and increasing the flow of blood from the feet back into the body where it can be properly re-oxygenated.

How Much Will You Have To Pay For Diabetic Socks?

While these benefits may not seem very impressive, I assure you that the prolonged use of diabetic socks may be all you need to help you steer clear of certain foot problems. If these socks are something that you think could be of great help to you, you may be wondering how much you are going to have to pay for them. It is true that diabetic socks will cost you a bit more but the small increase in price is well worth it for all of the benefits that are gained from their use. The average pair of men’s dress socks costs approximately four to five dollars while the average pair of diabetic socks for men will cost about seven dollars. As you can clearly see, cost is not something that you will have to worry about when shopping for this particular product.

Talk To Your Doctor About Diabetic Socks

Though all the information that we have discussed in this article has all pointed in the same direction, proving that diabetics with foot related health issues will definitely benefit from the prolonged use of diabetic socks for men, you may still want to speak with your primary care physician. Speaking with your doctor may shed even more light on your current health problems. You may also be able to gain even more insight about exactly which type of diabetic sock will be best for your particular condition. Many medical professionals also have access to this type of medical footwear. You may be able to get diabetic socks at a deep discount.

Taking Care Of Your Feet

While it is obviously true that diabetic socks for men can be extremely helpful when it comes to avoiding health problems that revolve around the feet, you should also be sure to examine your feet and toes for any abnormalities and abrasions. If you catch these problems early on, you will be much more likely to easily fix the problem before it’s too late. This is especially true for all of you who have already developed severe nerve damage. By paying attention to your feet and watching out for irritations you can be sure to avoid very serious problems, mainly amputation.