Similar to fresh fruit, black cherry concentrate has viable health properties that cannot be ignored.  Taken in concentrated form, great benefits have been documented in the treatment of certain ailments.

Facts About Cherries

Cherries are a stone fruit, meaning that they have a hard core called a stone that is surrounded by soft, juicy tissue.  There are many varieties of this delicious and healthy fruit, including the most common Bing, Rainier, Montmorency and black.  Each of the numerous varieties are considered to be good sources of potassium and flavonoids as well as being valuable antioxidant foods that have the ability to combat both cancer and heart disease.  As a matter of fact, one of the flavonoids, queritin, has been proclaimed to be the most powerful antioxidants on earth.  Cherries are also well known to improve the quality of collagen in the body, which is found in connective tissues of the joints.

A defining factor between some of the varieties of cherries is their color; with deep red, reddish pink, black and yellow cherries available.  The colors have no bearing on their health benefits, as each variety contains equally important nutrition.  One of the varieties, the black cherry, is often used in concentrated form for drinking; an easy method of acquiring the healthy attributes of the fruit.

Black cherry concentrate is considered to be not only a delicious flavor to add to water for drinking but also an herbal remedy.  As a dietary supplement, many people ingest this fruit juice to abate the effects of gout; a painful inflammatory condition of the joints, most commonly in the big toe.  Warm to the touch, reddened and painful, the toe is generally the first area affected but the condition can extend out to all areas of the extremities.  Gout is the result of the accumulation of uric acid in the body which affects mainly overweight men, or men with a history of the disorder in their family history.  The condition is most often treated with NSAIDS, but it has been discovered that cherries have a profound effect when used in treating the pain that is caused from gout, as well as arthritis and headaches.

The benefits of black cherries

The benefits of black cherries can be obtained by eating the delicious fruit, but unless it is in season, the fruit can be difficult to obtain.  Canned or frozen cherries are commonly found in grocery stores, but are of the red sour cherry variety.  Fortunately, this does not prohibit individuals from enjoying black cherries and their healthful properties.  For those who may not wish to include a daily regimen of drinking the flavorful juice, they are available in capsule form at most health food and vitamin stores.  Since it is extremely tasty, most people have no objection with drinking the juice.  Black cherry concentrate is syrupy and naturally sweet, which may offer a consistency that may be unpleasant and undesirable to some.  Simply making a drink that includes one part cherry juice and four parts water will alleviate that concern; creating a refreshing and delicious drink.  It can also be consumed by adding the concentrate to smoothie mixes, a popular and healthy drink.  Including a few drops of the syrupy concentrate to plain, unflavored Greek yogurt will create a wonderful treat for a breakfast food or a dessert.

Even for those who do not have gout, arthritis or joint pain, drinking black cherry juice will unleash a multitude of fighting agents in the body that offer valuable protection against cancer and heart disease.  Making the juice a regular part of the diet will not be difficult once the wonderful flavor has been experienced.  In addition to enjoying the fresh flavor will be the knowledge that you will be arming your body with essential defenses.