For the people who are new to the business of carpentry and wood-work, or even if you have been doing it for years sometimes it becomes really puzzling to find a perfect router table as an aid in the daily work. Moreover if you are able to find one its quality and durability pops up as a huge question. Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table could be considered now as a solution to all your router table queries. DIYs can also benefit from its great utility!

Work Made Easy!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional wood worker or a DIY, this product makes your work easier as it is compatible with most varieties of routers. A specially selected fence is decisive to the perfect execution of any router table organization. This one boasts a feature-laden ProFence. Its single-piece, heavy-duty aluminum structure is wholly machined ensuring that it’s flat and square on the front as well as bottom surfaces. Trouble-free and easily adjustable sub-fences and bit guards are also incorporated in it.

Task-Defined Attributes!

It is equipped with the ProTop Contractor. This helps in assuring a flexible set up that can be regulated to task-defined requirements. It also has an aluminum miter accessory track that is compatible with all standard miter gauges. Add on to that the perfect T-slot accessories present on table accommodates easy-mounting of fence risers, stops, featherboards, and switches. Plus this table also has twin fence slots. This enables you to turn the fence around swiftly and easily.

Sturdy Build-up!

It has a non-damageable laminated surface. It is built-up of stress-skin construction for more strength and evenness. It measures 24 x 16 inches giving you a larger work area. Special twin steel rails provide support to the router. Simultaneously, the enclosed birch plywood cabinet stops the dust from accumulating and reduces noise. Its hard panel structure is stronger in comparison to plastic or stamped steel stands. The cabinet’s rubber base prevents the slippage of the table plus reduces vibration. The installation is made simpler as it has predrilled router plate. Plus the 15-inch indoor-cabinet supply ample of room for any router you use. Great tool for your DIY project.

Special Features

  • This 16-by-22-inch router table comes with a large enough working surface. Plus its plastic laminated surface gives added strength and flatness.
  • It has T-slots accessories on the top. These ensure secure and easy-mounting of pieces being worked on.
  • Easily adjustable sub-fences and bit guard that protects the small parts, is also present.It has an amalgamated 2-1/2-inch dust port. This fits typical shop vac hoses to assist in keeping your work vicinity clear for security, visibility, and comfortable operation.
  • This convenient router table weighs mere 40pounds. This feature makes it easily portable.
  • It carries a warranty of two years.