Cairns is the main destination for vacations focused on the Great Barrier Reef. Located along Australia’s northeastern coast, just up the coast from Brisbane, and welcoming visitors from all over the world, the city has so many guests from Japan considering Cairns a primary getaway that many stores in town have Japanese words beside the English on their signs.. Trip planners can research and book Cairns accommodation, and flights to Cairns at great prices while they select what they will explore of the natural surroundings and attractions in the region such as these popular attractions:

Great Barrier Reef
Tours of the reef are available by plane, helicopter, and boat. Many people book scuba diving excursions. Local guides can tell much of the story and wonders of the Reef as well as provide a safe experience for young and old. Highly recommended and reliable companies are prevalent.

Karunda Scenic Railway
With a Skyrail for spectacular views of mountains, forest, waterfall, and countryside, people can sit back to enjoy the ride. The tour stops off at places to walk and photograph nature, and is well worth the price.

Lagoon and Promenade
A park for relaxation, exercise, recreation, water sports, picnics and barbecues. The tropical weather provides many Cairns days in the sun, and this park area is a great place to take advantage of the sun’s rays.

Cairns is the home of Joe Blake the Snake, mascot of one of the country’s leading basketball teams. Cazely’s Stadium hosts many cricket games, and rugby is also a popular sport in Cairns. Then, the area has some lovely golf courses.

Walking Tracks
All around the green-forested mountains not far from Cairns, people can walk the trails. In local sport and book stores, visitors can find maps of the nearby tracks.

Wildlife Dome
Whatever the weather, rainy or sunny, people can enjoy this adventure. Parrots, lorikeets and other colorful birds fly about freely in the indoor rain forest. Guests can feed and pet koalas, wallabies and other native animals at the Reef Hotel Casino where the huge glass dome is twenty meters high.