As the name solar powered fountain implies, electrical fountains powered by solar panels are now available as a greener alternative to regular electrical fountains. There are a lot of conveniences and advantages to owning a system for your garden or as a decorative piece for your property.

There are two kinds of solar powered fountains. One model has the solar panels on the structure of the fountain itself. In order to maximize the fountain, this type must be placed in a sunny location to ensure proper working conditions. The second model has the solar panels separate from the fountain itself with a cord attaching the two pieces. This model can allow for a more adaptability to the purpose and design of the fountain. Just make sure that you make provisions for the distance between the two essential units to avoid running out of cords.

What are the Advantages of Solar Powered Fountain?

  1. One main advantage of a solar powered fountain is the ease of transport. Because this kind of fountain does not require traditional electricity, you won’t need to look for electrical sockets to plug it into. If you used to adjust the location of your fountain or sprinkler system based on its distance from the nearest electrical outlet, with fountains using solar panels, you would be able to freely choose where to place them as long as it’s in a sunny and well-lit environment.
  2. Another advantage is the absence of electrical power which would mean savings on your electric bill. Since sunlight is free, you won’t need to worry about additional charges in operating your fountains. In case it is cloudy or stormy, some solar powered fountains come with a backup mechanism that uses battery power which is still more economical and environmentally friendly than electricity powered fountains.

A solar powered fountain is also easier and cheaper to maintain than its electric counterparts. Since a solar fountain has very little to no wires, you won’t have to worry about wear and tear on its wiring system. Just make sure that the solar panels don’t accumulate too much dirt and dust for it to be able to absorb solar energy efficiently. Also, do the usual checks on the fountain itself to make sure that there aren’t any leaks that may harm the solar panels. When extreme weather changes are happening, the solar panels are especially susceptible to damage so be very vigilant and thorough when checking them.
Taking a greener approach to designing and maintaining your home does not mean that you should sacrifice style and taste. There are plenty of fountain designs to choose from that carry solar panels. It is not hard to understand the need for decorating your home to make it more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, but with the rising problems of climate change and global warming, it is best and advisable to go for equipment that will help in making the world a better place to live in. You could set a good example for your community by being the first to own a solar fountain.