Water fountains have always attracted everyone from animals to humans. Everyone loves the sound of falling water falling on stones and passing through them. It not only calms people down, it also helps them relax their minds. People love standing near these in gardens and private spaces to observe the serene beauty of these creations and enjoy the same. These are also known to bring in positive vibes and have a lot of significance in Feng Shui, the Chinese astrological science.

Today, most people prefer installing an electric fountain because the solar water fountain is often considered expensive and an utter waste of money by many. However, the truth could not have been more contradictory. These water features are not only affordable, but they are also cost efficient to use and the best part, environmentally friendly! This article will attempt to remove misconception about this fantastic product and also elaborate the benefits of installing one at any office or even a residence for that matter:

Many styles & types of solar water fountains:

Today, thanks to the advancements in technology, there is a multitude of different types of solar fountains available. From small fountains that can easily fit in one foot by one-foot corner of a garden or patio, to the huge cascaded, 4-tier water feature that is the center of attraction of any big lawn or front yard of a luxurious villa. There is something for everyone!


  • It is highly portable and very light weight. Moreover, it is easy to install, and anyone can complete the procedure without the need for professional help in most cases.
  • It does not require electricity, and as a consequence, there is no cost of operating them.
  • They are virtually maintenance free and do not require any wiring or changing of wires.
  • Most of the solar fountains are made from renewable and biodegradable materials. This reduces their upfront purchases prices and also makes them eco-friendly.
  • These fountains are completely non-polluting.
  • An interesting aspect of the water fountain is that while it does need a solar panel to operate, the same need not be placed right next to it. In fact, these panels can be placed up to ten feet away from it.

As mentioned above, this water feature is not expensive but pocket and environment friendly and available in many different types. This is why many interior designers and even people who design gardens and landscape today are known to recommend them. Moreover, their usage is cost-effective which makes them the preferred choice for those who are fond of it and looking to save money in the long term. Also, these fountains are easily available at many places and can be easily maintained too. It is about time that we start taking responsibility for the various natural resources we use. Using environmentally friendly solar water fountain is one way of taking charge. Enjoy it now and for many years by taking care of it, choosing a product you love, and by putting it in a prominent place in your home or garden.