Dust can be a big problem in certain homes, especially if the home is located in urban areas. Homes that are near industrial areas and highways tend to have higher levels of dust. Dust can be very annoying as you have to continually sweep and wipe every part of the house. It makes cleaning that much harder too.

Household dust is made up of many things including fluff from carpets and curtains, skin flakes, food crumbs and bits of soil. Dust is especially troublesome for those with asthma and dust allergies. If the dust in your home is getting you down, here’s how you can better handle it.

How to Reduce Dust from Your Home

1. Keep Your Windows and Doors Shut

When you’re not at home, be sure to close all your windows and doors. Leaving them open means that the wind can blow in dust and other things. If you want to let your home air out, you can do so when you return. This is to minimize the amount of dust that can come into your home.

If you have air vents in your home, you may want to consider putting filters on them that look like a netting. In order to keep the air in your home circulating, you don’t need to have your windows and doors open. Install a cooling exhaust fan or ventilation fan instead. Turning those on will draw air through the home and outwards without allowing more dust in.

2. Buying an Air Purifier Specially Designed to Combat Dust Particles

Air purifiers are designed to make your home cleaner as it draws in the air and filters it for various particles, including dust and allergens. Investing in more than one air purifier will allow your home to be cleaner.

The best part is, air purifiers work completely on their own. They’re automatic and you can just turn them on and let them run to clean the air in your home. There’s no need for you to sweat it out and you can just relax. The only effort needed is for you to clean their filters about once a month.

There are many classes of air purifiers, so it’s important to see some good reviews of dust busting air purifiers to know how each one works so that you can decide which one suits your needs the best.

  1. Vacuum You Home on a Regular Basis

There are just some things you have to do no matter what, and one of them is vacuuming. If you don’t fancy walking around the house by yourself, a robotic vacuum cleaner can do the job for you. However, it does have limitations. For one, robotic vacuum cleaners have a hard time reaching difficult nooks and crannies.

Here’s where you’ll have to vacuum the old fashioned way. Make sure you pay special attention to carpets and rugs. They tend to harbor the most dust and dirt. It’s advisable to clean your rugs and carpets at least once in two weeks.

  1. Change Your Sheets Often

The one place that dust usually likes to congregate is in the folds of the bed sheets and blankets. Since you spend all night sleeping on your bed, you’ll be exposed to dust throughout the night if you don’t change them.

In addition to dust from the outside, bed sheets also collect hair and skin flakes. This means that you can be sleeping in a puff of dust every night. That’s why you need to launder your sheets at least once a week. This means changing your bedding, pillowcases, mattress protectors and any other fabric that you’re sleeping on.

In addition to just keeping it dust free, you’re also preventing dust mites and bed bugs from breeding and proliferating, which is good for overall hygiene while you sleep.

  1. Clear Away Your Clutter

The more items you have at home, the more corners dust have to hide in. Keep your layout spacious and simple. Create more covered storage areas like cupboards, cabinets and drawers to keep your things in. Small covered storage areas generally keep the dust out quite well, as do storage containers.

Books, toys and other small items should be put away at the end of the day. If they’re left on the floor, you can expect that they’ll be dust traps too.

If you have a closet, make sure that it has door. Your walk-in closet can be a dust hotel since it has so much fabric. For clothing items you hardly wear, pack them up in garment bags, containers or boxes.

Your Home Can Be Dust Free!

The key to minimizing dust in your home is of course to keep cleaning regularly. Nothing beats the old rag and warm water technique. However, you can also explore all the current technologies out there to help control the amount of dust at home, including air purifiers.