10 Features You Must Check Before You Buy Your Steam Cleaner

best multi purpose steam cleaner

So you decided to buy a vapor cleaner and you go to the stores and check out for yourself but get inundated with various models and brands. So what features should you look in a carpet steamers cleaners to make sure you have got the best ones according to your needs.

Here are some of the features you have to look out for : –

1, Water Tank Capacity -Many steam cleaners come with a single tank but vapor cleaners like Ladybug XLT 2300 comes with dual tank mechanism which makes it easier to fill other tank when one tank runs out thus making it easy to vacuum without any interruption.

2, Length of Power Cord – Are you using your steamers cleaners to clean your car, mess in the garage, clinic etc. Wouldn’t it be better if your fabric steam cleaner came with a longer power cord thus giving you the freedom to move around. Moving around also helps reduce the vapor steam which can be troublesome. Make sure you check the length of the cord based on your needs.

3, Stainless Steel – If you see parts made of cheap steel, it would be better not to consider it because of the corrosive nature of the steam, the cheap steel will rust much faster, so it is imperative you check the make.

4, Accessible Control – Some steam cleaners like Vapamore MR-100 has easy accessible controls to regulate the steam outflow and the steam temperature, make sure the controls are heat resistant and water proof to ensure longevity.

5, Steam Temperature – This is one of the very important factor to look out when buying a steamer cleaner. Try to ask for the actual temperature of the steam.  Residential units are preferred to have steam temperature between 240 and 260 degrees and a commercial machine can have an internal temperature between 360 degrees to 410 degrees because of the need to clean effectively.

6, Warranty – Make sure if you invest 2000+ on a great steam cleaner you can get a great warranty on it. Steam cleaners like Ladybug XLT comes with 8 years warranty on steamer clean boiler tank and 3 years on parts and accessories.

7,  Accessories and availability –  Make sure the type of accessories included can be modified when cleaning cars, sofas and carpets. One such versatile steam cleaner is ladybug steam cleaners which comes with wide range of accessories and can be used for wide range of cleaning .  Noting the size of the cleaning brushes is also very important for effectively allowing the cleaning to be done faster.

8, Wheels to move – This is very important factor to consider when selecting a steam cleaner i.e the ability to move with the castor wheels which would help in maneuverability.  The wheels must be good enough not to be entangled in hair and create mess

9, Weight – If you are planning to heavily use to clean upstairs like your room then the garage then you need to be constantly moving up and down which can cause a lot of trouble if you steam cleaner is heavy like some of the ladybug steam cleaners.

10, Safety cap and steaming outlet – Would you be continuously filling water while cleaning which you may need if you want to clean a very messy garage or you want to fill once and clean? Then consider the safety caps option versus the ability to refill water continuously. Similarly based on the application consider the number of steaming outlets, larger the number the better which are included in the expensive machines.


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