5 Best Fabric Markers Pens Reviews 2019

best pens to write on fabric

Fabric marking pen is a kind of pen which is used for marking an instruction over the fabric. The color imparted by this pen to the fabric is not permanent and fades up with the course of time. The time of diffusion of color depends on the quality and type of pen used. Fabric marking pen is generally used for drawing patterns over the fabric to cut from that edge in order to design garment from it. Apart from permanent fabric pen, fabric marking has two other types :-

  • Air-Soluble color imparting pen – The color provided by this pen to the fabric can be diffused in air after a course of time.
  • Water-Soluble color imparting pen – The color provided by this pen can be washed off by applying water on it.

Top 5 Fabric Markers Pens

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5 Top Fabric Markers Reviews

1. Crafts 4 All Fabric Marker Pen Permanent 24 Colors Fabric Paint Art Markers Set Child Safe and Non-Toxic. Graffiti Fine Tip Minimal Bleed

Versatility and selection of colors is very important when it comes to fabric pens. Whenever one of these is compromised in a fabric pen set, it reduces the quality of the pen set by quite a bit. The Crafts 4 All fabric marker set is very close to having optimal versatility and optimal color selection. The fact that there are 24 colors in the set is one of the best things about it. Because of the vast color selection, there are a lot of design options and you will not have to worry about not having a certain color for a specific design.

There are a couple of concerns about the Crafts 4 All fabric marker set. First, they come in a fine tip. This means bigger design will not be as easy to make. Coloring things in with a fabric pen can be a little complicated, especially when it comes to fabric pens that have fine tips. Additionally, they still have the propensity to bleed through. The term “minimal bleed” in the description is not clearly defined, and “minimal bleed” certainly does not mean “no bleed.” This is something to be kept in mind, especially because of the fact that they are fine tipped and that filling things in with these fabric markers could make them bleed through because of the excessive use they are getting when filling something in.

2. Crafts 4 All Fabric Marker Pens Permanent 12 Bright Dual Tip Fabric Paint, Child Safe, water based and non toxic

Fabric markers should be as versatile as possible, as there are so many uses for them when it comes to drawing on fabrics. While Crafts 4 All has a set that has a tremendous color selection, said set only contains fine tip markers. This particular Crafts 4 All set has dual tip markers available in 12 colors. The dual tips on the markers are what make the Crafts 4 All dual tip set stand out from most other fabric pen sets.

They have a fine tip and a broad tip, which makes them extremely versatile. Judging from pictures that users have uploaded, the broad tips do allow one to fill in what they draw. This makes them even better. However, the Crafts 4 All dual tip set only comes in 12 colors, so the selection is not as great. The 12 colors the set comes with are pretty basic, but there are still enough colors to create decent works of art. One noticeable thing about the Crafts 4 All dual tip set is that unlike the 24 fabric pen set, they do not bleed through anything at all, even when they are used to fill in illustrations.

3. Dritz Disappearing Ink Marking Pen, Purple

Sewing and cross stitching on a quilt or other kind of fabric can be really difficult to do, in large part because of the process of drawing up the blueprints. Drawing up blueprints on fabric using a pen with permanent ink can be very risky, as you’ll often compromise the final presentation with the markings from the fabric pen. The Dritz fabric pen will allow you to draw up blueprints on a fabric, then make it disappear by applying water to the part where it was marked. This makes the process of cross stitching much easier, as you will not have to worry if the blueprints you drew up will fit the overall design. When you don’t need the markings anymore, you can just make them disappear. Some users do report that the markings disappear too quickly, however. Additionally, the fact that water is required to make the ink disappear can be an issue. Water can spread on certain fabrics, and run the risk of damaging an overall presentation of a fabric if something goes wrong. However, the amount of water necessary to make the ink disappear is very minimal.

4. Sharpie 1779005 Stained Fabric Markers, Brush Tip, Assorted Colors, 8 Count

Sharpie is known for being a brand of obscenely powerful markers. Even their “regular” brand of markers appear to be unwashable and very much permanent. When anyone thinks of “Sharpie,” they think “permanent marker.” And as fabric tool, this is no different. Stained by Sharpie will definitively resist any kind of fading when washed, and have a thick tip. This is fantastic for anybody who wants to draw filled in illustrations on any kind of fabric.

The color selection, however, is lacking. It comes in eight very basic and uninteresting colors, which seems to assert that the Sharpie fabric pen set is designed for creating logos or team uniforms. It is definitely possible to make team uniforms quickly using this set. While most other fabric markers require an iron to dry, this is not the case with Stained by Sharpie. One thing that needs to be addressed with Stained by Sharpie is bleeding. Sharpie pens are known for bleeding through to almost anything. Although users report that they do not bleed, there is no guarantee that they will not ever bleed.

5. Creative Joy Fabric Markers with Permanent Brilliant Colors in Dual Tipped Markers for Creating Washable Art and Lettering

Versatility is expected when it comes to dual tip fabric markers, and Creative Joy promises just that in their set. They come in a set of 12 and have both a fine point and a thick point. This makes it possible to fill things in, which is what establishes the versatility factor. It only comes with 12 colors, but that is to be expected when it comes to dual tip fabric markers. One very nice thing about the Creative Joy set is that the markers do not bleed. Even when using the thick tip, bleeding is either nonexistent or minimal.

The way the ink sets is rather unorthodox. Like most fabric markers, the ink sets when ironed. However, gliding the iron over the marker will cause it to smear. Also, when washing the fabrics that have been drawn on with the Creative Joy fabric marker, it is better to use cold water. The cold water will prevent fading. This is not the case with any other fabric marker, and it can be insinuated that using warmer water may make the colors fade.

How to Choose Fabric Marker for Your Needs

If you are out in the crafting market, then you will be highly amazed to see the wide variety of art and craft accessories available in the market places. One of the very popular items among all these available types is definitely the fabric markers.

It is used for fulfilling different kinds of projects related to painting, decorating and personalizing stuff like blankets, clothing, curtains, and tapestries. You can either use them for making various colorful patterns or even producing tie-dyed motifs. But for this, you will not have to deal with the hassles involved with regular dyes. A child may face a bit difficult as a beginner. So, you must supervise his/her work to help them to acquire the skill faster. Have a look:

Qualities of an ideal Fabric marking pen :-

  • An ideal Fabric marking pen should be durable and long-lasting.
  • Color imparted by it should be stable in high temperature and extreme pressure so that it can bear any mechanical force during the manufacturing of garment.
  • It should impart the color to the fabric which can easily be washed by water.
  • Easy use and smooth, continuous marking are the other expected qualities of an ideal Fabric marking pen.
  • It should be safe for the skin and eco-friendly.
  • An ideal Fabric marking pen possesses the quality that the garment does not get damaged or stained by its application.
  • Such a pen should possess the quality that it’s marking can be dried instantly without bleeding over the cloth.
  • Visibility of the color provided by this kind of pen should be high and clear.
  • It should be capable of providing a visible color to all common textures of fabric such as silk, cotton, synthetic etc.

Technique to Apply When Using Fabric Marker

It is not a big task to use these fabric marker pens as they can be applied over the fabric simply like the application of common pen. For cutting purpose simply the lines are drawn over the fabric according to the layout in which it is desired to be cut down. Later the fabric can be cut through scissor or cutter. A transferring mesh canvas can be used to copy any particular design on the fabric. It is kept over the design and the design is copied on the mesh by using such a pen. Later the mesh is placed on the particular site of the fabric where the design is required to be copied. Then the pen is dragged on the outlines of design to get its impact on the fabric. The design is obtained in the form of dotted lines on the fabric which is required for sub-sequential process of embroidery, painting etc. for the final look.

A wide variety of Fabric marking pens is available regarding colors, cost, stability of the color, durability of pen etc. One can choose black fabric pen or other colorful fabric marking pen according to the demand of work and quality of pen needed by the garment.

For achieving the desired result, you need to follow a few simple steps that have been listed below.

  • Before you proceed with your project to decorate a certain fabric, it is customary to wash off any dust particle or residue of chemical lingering in it. Not only this, but it must also be dried and pressed well for better application of the fabric markers or paint markers.
  • You must always opt for a trial session. This will give you a better idea as to whether the paint is suitable for that fabric or not.
  • Always place the piece of cloth on which you desire to do the necessary designs on a smooth surface and tape or clip the edges properly to hold it firmly in one place.
  • Shake the containers of the fabric makers thoroughly before applying them to the material. If the tips come clipped with plastic protectors then remove them gently without damaging the tip; otherwise, the color will not come out smoothly.
  • You can make the designs by using stencils or freehand.
  • Different Fabric Markers application over the surface of the material is also possible.
  • Fabric dye takes almost three to four days to get completely dry. If you want to check whether it has completely dried or not then examine its surface.
  • For a better finish iron the designed portion by placing a press cloth over it. This practice has to be continued for almost ten to fifteen seconds.
  • Wash it in cold water to make it ready to be used.


Fabric marking pen is useful for garment designers, garment manufacturers for cutting and stitching purpose mainly. It is also applicable to locate the sites over the fabric for embroidery, painting, patch-works etc. Using these pens is more useful than the fabric chalk pencil as the colors imparted by chalk can be smudged or spread over the fabric giving it ugly look later.



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