embossing machine for card making

If you are trying to decide which machine to die for purchase, having all the facts can help your decision. Die cutting or embossing machines are useful tools to have for your scrapbooking and crafting needs.

The machines use metal dies to cut shapes, letters and designs. Depending on the machine and the matrix used, some of the machines also relief in the forms, expanding the dimensions of their projects. Die cutting machines are made to cut paper, but some can also cut fabric and other craft materials.

9 Best Embossing Machine Reviews

1. Cuttlebug Embossing Machine

If you don’t want a large embossing machine you should look at the portable Cuttlebug Embossing Machine. It’s easy to carry around, thanks to its size, and works with any die that fits through its 6 inch throat. Express your creativity with this machine, and show others how good your designs look! Are you ready to get started? All you have to do is order now and wait for the package!

2. Big Shot Cutting-and-Embossing Machine

The Big Shot Cutting-and-Embossing Machine is one embossing machine you’re going to want to have. It works with the entire Sizzix product library, from the biggest to the smallest dies, but also with other embossing products that are available on the market now. So if you want a machine that offers full compatibility with just about everything, you found it!

3. Embossing Machine Beginners Kit

If you liked the previous ornate purse looking embossing machine from Sizzle, you’re definitely going to love this. The Embossing Machine Beginners Kit contains the same embossing machine, only adds several important things to the package, like embossing pads, embossing folders, cards, envelopes and sandpaper samples.

4. The Wizard Embossing and Die-Cutting System

Let your imagination run wild and create the perfect looking cards with The Wizard Embossing and Die-Cutting System. This small tool does it all, including embossing, cutting dies and creating stamps. Make the right choice and act now, while the discount lasts, and you’ll have one of the best embossing machines, for a very low price.

5. Inspiration Embossing Tool

Designing cards can be great fun, and if you have the right tool for the job, you can go ahead and create them. You might be worried about the price of such a tool, but you’ll be glad to know that the Inspiration Embossing Tool is one of the cheapest available. It comes with two embossing tips that let you decide how you want your cards to look.

6. Big Shot Express

Tired of bland looking cards? Have you always wanted to make your own? Now you can, thanks to the Big Shot Express! It’s an electric embossing machine, so you don’t have to turn a crank to get it working. The price may be high, but like most other things, if you want a good quality item, you have to pay for it!

7. Boutique Embossing Machine

Are you ready to impress your loved ones with great looking cards that you made yourself? All you need is the Boutique Embossing Machine and you can start creating amazing embellished cards. Its elegant ornate purse look may not matter to some, but others feel it looks great and heartily recommend it.

8. Cutting Embossing Machine Starter Kit

If you have any more Sizzix products, the Cutting Embossing Machine Starter Kit is a great comapnion to the line. The roller machine only weighs 3 pounds, so you can easily move it from place to place, if you need to. Use this small machine to embellish those special items that you care for, like scrapbooks or picture frames.

9. All-In-One Crafting Machine Bundle

Don’t let the price of the All-In-One Crafting Machine Bundle scare you! It might be expensive, but once you see how many things you can do with it, you’ll certainly want one. You can emboss with various borders, and 2 borders are included in the package, to help you create some of the best looking items around!

How to Choose Die cutting or embossing machine

Surely many of you already have one in your scrap room, but others are beginners and you go around thinking about acquiring it. So I’ve been thinking about telling you about the most famous in the market and see the advantages and disadvantages of having one or the other.

Currently there are two major American brands that we say, have a monopoly on this Scrapbooking and cutting tools in particular.

On the one hand we have Sizzix which  is the one that  sells the cutting machine with the most prestige in the market, the famous  “Big Shot”. This has been improving over time but in all its versions incorporates a cutting platform and a few plates of methacrylate. It works by exerting manual pressure by means of a crank and depending on the position of the cutting platform and the methacrylate, we can obtain different results.

But let’s carefully analyze all the versions of Big Shot that exist.

Classic Big Shot in the two old versions.

What can we do with them ?: Both are used for stamping and texturing on different materials such as paper, felt, leather, etc. The first version incorporated a simple cutting platform which improved in its second version with a multifunction platform with two tabs that made it easier and more intuitive to handle it.
Advantages: The second version of the Big Shot can be easily obtained and its price is not very high. It usually comes with a starter kit that takes everything you need to start using it and is ideal for getting started in scrapbooking. Sizzix has the widest range of the market in terms of forms of dies and designs of folders for texturing and if this were not enough it is also compatible with dies from other brands.
Disadvantages: The dies and folders for texturing are usually expensive. As for the size it is large and weighs about 5 kg, so it is impractical when transporting it.
Big Shot Plus and Big Shot Pro

What can we do with them ?: The functionality of these machines is the same as the ones we have seen before, that is, they can do the same. The difference with the old ones lies in that in these we can cut larger papers in A4 format.

The distinction between the Plus and the Pro is in the opening between the cutting platform and the roller, (The Plus has an opening of 22 cm and the Pro of 33) this allows us both to use thicker dies and to expand the possibilities of cut over more materials.

Advantages: Both are robust and provide greater stability when die cutting. They can incorporate a motor with which it is not necessary to use the crank and with the push of a button the cutting platform will move alone. The Pro also offers us the possibility of keeping materials inside.
Disadvantages: Both have an exorbitant price that can only compensate you in case you dedicate yourself professionally to sell your scrapbooking jobs. The Pro is quite difficult to find in Spain. Both are quite large and heavy so you can not take them anywhere and you will need a large space at home to place them.
On the other hand, we have “We’r Memory Keepers”  brand specialized in tools for scrapbooking, which did not want to be left behind in this race to get the perfect machine, so a couple of years ago decided to compete with the well-known Big Shot and launch your own cutting machine called Evolution Advanced. 

What can we do with it? Basically the functions are the same as those of the Big Shot, die-cut and texturize both paper and various materials. In addition to the Evolution you can also make Letterpress or what is the same lithographic printing in an artisanal way, yes, the tool to do so is sold separately.

The operation is similar to that of the Big Shot, only that it incorporates a rotating wheel to adjust the pressure of the crank without having to be changing the position of the cutting platform. With this wheel you can also configure the thickness of the paper we are going to use.

Advantages: It is economical and also comes with a starter kit. It is light and easy to transport. You can store tools like the crank inside your trays. It occupies very little space, since its trays can also be folded. You can incorporate an engine to turn it into an electric machine. It is compatible with Sizzix dies.

Disadvantages: It has little stability and usually moves a little when die cutting. Accessories like the letterpress or the electric motor are sold separately and are expensive. The trays are very narrow and do not allow to put sheets in A4. They have very little variety of dies and folders to texturize in the market.

Valuing all aspects of both brands , which would be better ?. 

My final conclusion is that there is no perfect cutting machine since everything will depend on the needs of each scrapera. Maybe some of you need a big machine because you do a lot of projects in A4 format, others may want a small one because you do not have much space, etc.

In short, if you are thinking about acquiring your first cutting machine or buying one that is more up-to-date, I think you should ask yourself 3 questions: 1. Why should I use the machine? 2. How much space do I have at home to place it? 3. How much money do I want to invest? Once you have the answer to these 3 questions you will know which machine is best for you.

I hope that my advice could have been helpful, Happy Thursday! Be happy and scrape a lot!